Fnatic Favoured By Bookmakers To Win Valorant Champions 2023

Just a few days are left before the start of Champions 2023, and Fnatic seems to be the favorite to win it all. But how are the other Teams are doing in the odd department?

Chronicle Valorant
All eyes will be on Chronicle and his performances |©Riot Games

Betting sites have recently unveiled the odds for the Champions 2023 winner. The largest Valorant tournament, taking place in Los Angeles in just over a week, will feature top teams vying for a prize pool of over $2,000,000.

Fnatic Is Expected To Dominate Valorant Champions 2023

Fnatic stands out as the front-runner among the teams in LA, and there are compelling reasons to support this belief:

  • They emerged victorious in Masters Tokyo, displaying a significant lead over all other teams.
  • Having the current "GOAT" of Valorant in their roster adds to their strength.
  • Fnatic is performing exceptionally well as a cohesive team.

Masters Tokyo was just one highlight in their impressive season. They have also secured victories in VCT LOCK//IN and remained undefeated in their EMEA League, drawing comparisons to Arsenal's dominant run in the Premier League in 2003. Could we possibly dub them the "Invincibles" of Valorant?

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Cigarettes At Masters
Don't sleep on this guy. | © Riot Games

Fnatic isn't the only team on the list, and there are other teams with somewhat close odds.

Here's the list with the odds:

  1. Fnatic: 2.10
  2. Paper Rex: 4.00
  3. Evil Geniuses: 5.50
  4. NRG Esports: 8.00
  5. LOUD: 8.00
  6. EDward Gaming: 13.00
  7. Team Liquid: 19.00
  8. DRX: 26.00
  9. NAVI: 41.00
  10. FUT Esports: 76.00
  11. KRÜ Esports: 51.00
  12. Giants Gaming: 101.00
  13. T1: 151.00
  14. ZETA DIVISION: 151.00
  15. Bilibili Gaming: 301.00
  16. FunPlus Phoenix: 501.00

The Betters Curse

Often, the team with the best odds fails to secure victory in the event. However, there have been instances where teams managed to break the curse, but it continues to loom over others. In this year's Champions, keep an eye on teams like Paper Rex, EG, and EDward Gaming, not necessarily because of their odds, but due to their current form and performance.

EG impressed with a second-place finish at Masters Tokyo, while PRX pleasantly surprised everyone by performing exceptionally well with a substitute on their team. Paper Rex's key player is expected to compete in Los Angeles without the visa issues that hindered them at Masters Tokyo. EDward Gaming, on the other hand, has been a team of surprises, achieving remarkable feats throughout this season.

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