Get Free Valorant Item Drops With Prime Gaming

Valorant players love the wide selection of items, skins, and cosmetics available in the game. If you don't want to spend money on them and have an Amazon Prime subscription, then we have just the thing for you. Here's how to get free Valorant Item Drops with Prime Gaming!
Valorant kostenlose Drops prime gaming
Do you want free items in Valorant? | © Riot Games/Amazon

Prime Gaming is one of the more popular options for claiming free game items in modern video games. Sure, these are rarely very valuable items, but if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, they are virtually free for you, and who doesn't like free stuff? Moreover, even if you don't have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can take a free 7-day trial and claim the item you're interested in.

How To Get Free Valorant Skins With Prime Gaming?

To get Valorant Prime Gaming goodies, you'll need to connect your Riot Games account to your Amazon account and then go to the Prime Gaming website to pick up your free items. Here's how it works step by step:

  1. Go here and sign up with your Riot Games account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Prime Gaming website and will need to log in to your Amazon account as well.
  3. Now that your accounts are linked, go to Prime Gaming's Valorant section.
  4. Choose an item you want to claim and select "Pick up now"

And you're good! Most of the rewards featured on Prime Gaming for Valorant are sprays and gun buddies, but you can also find some really charming skins, like the Wayfinder Shorty which was the reward for March 2022.