How To Get Your Valorant YR1 Stats

How To Get Your Valorant YR1 Stats
Did you get the surprise email? | © Riot Games

Riot Games recently sent Valorant players a surprise email with all their detailed stats from YR1. Unfortunately, not everyone got it. Here's how to sign up and get the second one.

Valorant turned a year old in June and Riot Games celebrated with numerous events spread throughout the month. We've seen a live music event dedicated entirely to the agents in Valorant, free cards for everyone, a YR1 battle pass, and more. June may already be in the past, but Riot are walking the extra mile for all their fans: Valorant players received an unexpected email that contained all their stats from the tactical shooter's first year. If you weren't among the lucky ones, we have the solution. Here's how to get all your stats from YR1 in Valorant.

How To Get Your Valorant YR1 Stats

Why did some players receive the stats automatically on their email and others didn't? It's simply a setting in your account. All the players that didn't get an email from Riot have it set to off. Today, we'll guide you on how to turn it on. Just follow these steps.

Access Your Riot Games Account and Turn On Communication From Riot Games

In order to get the YR1 stats email, you'll first have to enable a setting in your Riot Games account. Here's how to do it.

Riot Games account communication preferences
Look for this segment once you log in. | © Riot Games

That's all there is to it, and now there's only one thing left to do.

Wait for the YR1 Stats Email

Now it's time for the hard part. You'll just have to sit and wait for the email to come. Anyone who missed the first one shouldn't worry as there'll be a second email going around rather soon. Riot Games already confirmed that the next YR1 stats email is on the way, and it's coming this week!

Just make sure you can access your associated email account, or all your efforts here would be in vain. Are you eager to check your YR1 stats? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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