How To Get Out Of Bronze/Silver in Valorant?

Which rank are you fighting for? | © Riot Games

About 58% of all players have a Bronze or Silver rank in Valorant, so having these ranks means being average. But you want something more than being average, right?

Do you play ranked all day long and stand still with your rank? We've got you covered! Here's a compiled list of the 5 most commonly overlooked things for improving your game and making your way out of elo hell. If you have ambitions for a Radiant rank, make sure the following tips are on the agenda in your climbing routine. Let's get you to higher ranks in Valorant!

1. ALWAYS Warm-up!

To warm-up, let's touch on the topic of… warming up. We recently asked you on our Twitter about your approach to warm-ups, and a whopping 32.6% of you responded that “warm-ups r for the weak.”

The warm-up is an integral part of any game — whether it be Deathmatch, Spike Rush, or will take place during the pistol round. You may think it's a waste of time; after all, the process of getting ready + finding a ranked game can take half an hour, but think how much longer and less fun a match can get for every round you lose. So make sure it delivers the right benefits and allows you to unlock your potential for the first rounds, which are paradoxically the most important ones.

2. Focus On Your Weaknesses

During warm-ups and practice sessions, place more emphasis on what you are doing poorly rather than honing the skills you have already mastered. Even if you think your aim is perfect, work on things like finding the best positions on the map for your Agent, skill management, economy, or movement.

Valorant offers many things that you can constantly work on, and you'll always find at least one thing that isn't perfect yet. The fewer weak elements in your game — the better your overall game!

3. Record Games

But what if you don't know what your weaknesses are? You might want to try rewatching your games and look at your in-game decisions from a third-person perspective. While watching, you can ask yourself questions like:

  • Why did I die here?
  • How could I avoid taking damage this round?
  • Was my use of Ult optimal here?
  • Why did we lose this round?

Ideally, you would rewatch your matches with another person you feel is playing at a similar or higher level than you to get an objective result. This way, you can even discuss some of your decisions and lead to fascinating conclusions for your future games.

4. Limit Your Agents Pool

Valorant offers up to 15 Agents with various exciting skills, but you should only choose one for the long run. Sure, you can try playing a new Agent from time to time, but when it comes to competitive play and climbing ranks, stick to a maximum of 3 Agents that you play best with. Moreover, make sure that your Agent selection matches the team-comp, which brings us to the last tip in this article.

5. Play Pre-Made Only

Playing with a pre-made team is an absolute must when it comes to climbing the ranks in Valorant. When you have a full team, every aspect of the game is simply better; communication, team-comp, atmosphere, everything. You also know what to expect from your teammates and remove the risk of a language barrier.

You should also stick with a team that has similar goals to yours. If you want to play for higher ranks — play with people who care about winning too. And if you wish to have a good time with your friends, then forget about skills, but consider the atmosphere you get when you queue a game together. Make sure that every player on your team has similar priorities.

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