Valorant Got Cloned: Project M

Project M Valorant clone
NetEase really wasn't very creative... | © NetEase

The Chinese developer NetEase Games is showing everyone just how to make games in 2021: Take an extremely popular game from your biggest competitor Tencent – Valorant – and copy the content to make a mobile game. Top it off with an inconspicuous name change, and you bet, nobody will ever know. At least that's what NetEase thought when they revealed the Valorant Clone "Project M".

  • Maybe Amazon Games Studios also needs some competition... then maybe they would stop pushing back the release for New World.

We're left speechless at the images of Project M. Seriously, who would have thought that the fight for gaming and esports dominance in China between NetEase Games and Tencent would lead to this. And by this we mean that NetEase Games took Valorant pressed Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V to create the 'new' mobile 5v5 shooter Project M.

Valorant Clone Project M: What is up with that?

We could be poetic about the stark similarities between the mobile Project M and its original PC version, but... you know sometimes pictures speak more than a thousand words, so just take a look at these:

That Sova made it into the mobile version of Valorant is quite amusing... wait, no, we mean interesting. But he isn't the only Valorant cast member who you can play in Project M. Oh no, if you were worried that your main wasn't cloned, then NetEase Games got your back and cloned all the agents from Valorant. You won't have to learn a single new ability if you want to dominate in Project M. It's that easy. Oh, and let's not forget the Valorant interface. That was also copied.

Project M: Don't let your Memes be Dreams

It's no wonder that the whole community is rather amused by this blatant clone. So of course, what did the internet do? They created a bunch of memes:

And since all good Project M things come in threes, here is the crowning jewel of memes:

Project M: Beta-Registration

We know where NetEase got their ideas – and content – for Project M, but the information regarding the beta for the Valorant clone Project M isn't as obvious. We know that the beta began on the 4th of August and will run until the 6th of August. If you want to register, you'll need an Android device. Just check in your Play Store to see if you can download Project M. If your phone can download the game, then be quick, since there are only 1000 places in the beta!

Once we have more information regarding Project M, we'll be sure to update you so check back to EarlyGame!

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