Riot Promises More Valorant Content in Episode 3 Act 2

Riot Promise More Valorant Content in Episode 3 Act 2
Are Riot about to change their strategy? | © Riot Games

Are you unhappy with the lack of content in Valorant lately? Well, it's all going to change with the beginning of Episode 3 Act 2. Riot Games hinted that fans should be looking forward to the next Act. Here are all the details.

Valorant is currently in Episode 3 Act 1. Patch 3.00 was a big one, and it introduced a lot of changes, but not a whole lot has happened after that. Both 3.01 and 3.02 offered little to no content, with the exception of the two skin bundles – Ruination and Sentinels of Light. More content is on the way, but we'll have to wait a bit longer.

More Valorant Content in Episode 3 Act 2

The wait for more Valorant content is certainly not over, but at least there's light at the end of the tunnel. Valorant's Creative Director David Nottingham shared some details on Twitter.

Yes pacing is something we are aware of too. Often we are putting so much time and energy into landing those big drops (new agents, new maps) and then we barely recover before working on the next one.

According to Nottingham, Valorant players should keep an eye out for the next Act. It's unclear what Riot plans to release in Episode 3 Act 2, except for the next agent, which was leaked to be Deadeye.

Valorant's content problems have nothing to do with the release of separate acts, but everything else in-between them. Once the big patch is out, there's almost nothing going on, except skins. The month of June was the sole exception to this rule, as Riot celebrated the game's one-year anniversary with plenty of special events and new features.

When Does Episode 3 Act 2 Start?

Unfortunately, Valorant's next Act is still a month away. The current Battle Pass is set to end on August 23, which means that Episode 3 Act 2 in Valorant will start on August 24. Before we get there, we'll probably see one more patch which will add nothing to the game.

Then again, Riot Games are taking an annual one-week break at the start of August, so they might just skip 3.03 as a whole.

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