S2A Banned from Twitch for Stream Sniping Valorant Pro Diaamond

Valorant stream sniping
Stream snipers aren't the brightest. | © Riot

A Valorant streamer going by the nickname S2A made an absolute fool out of himself. He essentially caught himself stream sniping Valorant professional player Diaamond. For this stupidity, S2A was handed a juicy ban by Twitch.

Stream sniping is among the most common toxic behavioral patterns on the internet. It is rare, however, for the culprit to be caught during the act. Even more rare for him to get caught by... himself.

S2A Stream Snipes Diaamond, Gets Banned from Twitch

Twitch streamer S2A was doing what streamers do – streaming. During a game of Valorant against professional Team Synergy's Diaamond, S2A seemed to be getting the better of the pro. For his part, Diaamond was not buying any of it.

After a suspiciously accurate flash and kill by S2A, his opponent, streaming at the same time, made his thoughts clear in the chat by stating "you are so obvious". That of course meaning that we're witnessing stream sniping.

Here comes the best part.

S2A reacted as if he's clean as a whistle:

So cringe. He thinks I’m sniping because I flashed B main.

Then, literally three seconds later, he alt/tab-ed to reveal Diaamond's stream in the background. As the pro put it: you can't make this stuff up.

The most ludicrous part is that it seems like S2A did that intentionally to close Diaamond's stream, somehow hoping that it won't be noticed. Bruh, it's the internet, a quarter of a second is enough to get caught. And caught he was.

Twitch's Terms of Service have a surprisingly transparent ruling for stream sniping. The rule says: you get banned. We can't feel sorry for snipers, and it was a hilarious episode of idiocy to behold, so all in all, it was worth it for the neutrals. For S2A, not so much.

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