Valorant Berlin Masters Interview: Sentinels' dapr

Sentinels dapr - Valorant Berlin Masters
Sentinels' dapr at Valorant Berlin Masters | © Sentinels/Riot Games

We ran into dapr at the Valorant Berlin Masters and hit him up for an interview. The pro from team Sentinels shared his opinions on their recent matches against SuperMassive Blaze and G2 in the group stage

Sentinels' dapr Interview at Valorant Berlin Masters

Thomas Le: What's up everybody, Thomas from EarlyGame here! I'm currently behind the camera, but more importantly in front of the camera we have dapr from Sentinels. What's up my man, how are you doing?

Dapr: I'm doing good man, what about you?

Doing alright, thanks. Tell me, how do you feel after the win against F4Q?

It feels great. Obviously the series doesn't really mean anything. But for me I just love getting on stage and having a good time with everybody. It’s ultimately what I game for. You live for these moments.

So Game 2 was a little bit rough. Can you give a little insight on the things you guys were struggling with?

So, I think we had a really strong CT-side. Obviously we coulda taken more rounds. But at the end of the day, it was our T-side, where everything fell apart. They played really defensive and Bunny with the Judge was our kryptonite. We always knew where he was, but we had no utility to get rid of him. So it was like “Alright guys, who’s gonna run at him first?”. They played great

You said in a previous interview that you weren't quite satisfied with your performance in your last couple of games. How would you rate your performance tonight?

Still not that great. I genuinely don't think that I’m playing necessarily bad, my decision making wasn't bad. I just think that I’m getting really unlucky. I know It sounds almost cliché, like “Oh I'm so unlucky, that's why my score is bad”. But as long as we're winning, and we're playing well, I'm fine with it. I know we lost to G2 last night, but at the end of the day I'm a support player. If things aren't going my way, that's fine.

Talking about G2 I have to ask you the unavoidable question now, since you guys sadly lost to G2 last night: Is G2 the better team?

It's tough to say. We have to see how it plays out now. I mean they won the matchup we didn't really care about. I'll gladly admit that they're the better team once they win an international event, but until that day comes, I'll wait.

Are you still confident that Sentinels will win this whole tournament?

Yea, I'm always confident. There's not one match coming that we're expecting to lose. Even though we looked shaky, I still think we have a good shot.

So Sentinels are on top - Who will take 2nd place then?

It's literally a tossup for me, between Gambit & Vision Strikers. I'm leaning more towards VS right now.

I can already hear some EU fans malding from across the other side of the screen.

(laughs) Yeah, I don't really care. EU is definitely strong, but the NA teams are overall stronger.

Talking about EU, have you gotten the chance to play some rated games on the EU server yet? What was your experience like?

Ya I did, it's honestly not that enjoyable. I prefer NA. Just because they talk a lot and they have fun. It's almost like a meme, that in EU they're just hiding in corners until the round ends and they just don't do anything. So for me it was a really boring experience. I mean EU man. They don't have fun.

Rapid-fire Questions with Sentinels' dapr

Thomas Le: Alright, let's move to the more, let's say, spicy part of the interview. Because I feel like since you do have a quite big following on Social Media, a lot of fans are looking up to you. And they're seeking guidance and the truth. And nothing but the truth. And obviously they're valuing your opinion.

So what I'm gonna do now is bombard you with the most hard-hitting question and you try to answer them as honestly as possible. Are you ready?

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Dapr: Chocolate - easy. I know, really basic.

Best rap artist?

I've been liking Kendrick Lamar. Always a go-to.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, with which teammate would you have the highest chances of survival? And why?

Tenz, ‘cause of friendship! Well, I don't think anyone from my team would make it out alive, but at least I had fun with Tyson.

Best song to work out to?

Baggin’ by Marshmello.

If you stack 1 lasagna on top of another lasagna, how many lasagnas will you have by then?

It would be just 1 large lasagna.

Favorite video game of all time?

Sly Cooper. That was my fav game growing up on the PS2. Second would be Modern Warfare 2.

If you have to delete one map from Valorant, which map would you choose?

Bind! I hate the teleporters.

What's the most overrated tv show or movie?

Friends. I don't like it. I'm not a big sitcom person, I watch “The Office”, but “Friends”… (shakes head)

Best anime character without a doubt is…

Levi from Attack on Titan!

Total badass! And the last question: True or false?: Sentinels is the best Valorant team right now?


That’s it. Apart from your sus answer to the Lasagna question, I’d say that you passed. Thanks for the interview and good luck for the next matches.

It was great having dapr from Sentinels taking the time to speak with EarlyGame. If you've missed the action from the Berlin Master, check out G2 Dethrones Sentinels at Valorant Berlin Masters.

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