Sentinels of Light Skins Are Coming to Valorant

Sentinels of Light Skins Are Coming to Valorant
Expect some neat effects! | © Riot Games

Anyone who plays League of Legends is familiar with the upcoming Sentinels of Light/Ruination event. Guess what? Valorant is also joining the action with a new Sentinels of Light skin bundle. Here are all the details.

If you were looking forward to the next crossover between Valorant and League of Legends, we have some good news for you. The last time we saw the Ruination bundle in Valorant, but now it's time for Sentinels of Light. The latest skin bundle will be featuring some fresh new skins coming straight from the world of LoL.

Sentinels of Light Skins Revealed in Valorant

The upcoming Valorant Sentinels of Light skins were revealed by Riot on the HITSCAN Youtube channel. The release of this bundle is no coincidence, and it was already made clear that it'll be in relation to the event of the same name in League of Legends.

The weapons that'll get a Sentinels of Light skin in the bundle are the following:

  • Sentinels of Light Operator
  • Sentinels of Light Vandal
  • Sentinels of Light Sheriff
  • Sentinels of Light Ares
  • Sentinels of Light Melee

Riot Games haven't announced or confirmed the SOL bundle officially. Considering the producers were in the HITSCAN video, the bundle is definitely coming out. In addition to the neat look of the weapon, the Sentinels of Light skins will feature a custom kill animation – just like in the Ruination bundle. Also, the melee skin is looking sick.

Sentinels of Light Bundle Price

There's still no official information regarding the price of the Sentinels of Light skin bundle. Perhaps the best comparison would be the Ruination skins from a few weeks ago. The latter came at a price of 8700 VP for the full package. It'd be fair to guess that the Sentinels of Light bundle will come at the same price. After all, the two skin lines are connected thematically, and it'll make no sense to price them differently.

Sentinels of Light Bundle Release Date

The skins are expected to drop before the end of July and are rumored to be part of the 3.02 patch that has already come out. Some say we should even expect the skins to drop tomorrow, July 21.

Sentinels of Light – July 22 Update

The Sentinels of Light bundle is now live in Valorant. The skins were released today, July 21.

The Sentinels of Light skin bundle will be available in the shop for three weeks. Its total cost comes at 8700 VP, or approximately $83. Items can also be bought individually, for 2175 VP, while the melee comes at 4350 VP.

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