Shroud Will Continue His Pro Career

Despite losing in the VCT NA Last Chance Qualifiers, this is not the end of Shroud's pro career. So, what's next for him?

Sen shroud
Will he stay with Sentinels, though? | © Sentinels

Despite the (let's be honest) unsuccessful performance of the Sentinels during the VCT NA Last Chance Qualifiers, it looks like Shroud will continue his adventure in the Valorant pro scene. Many people thought that because of the fact that he was the least fragging player and was statically underperforming, he would give it up. Still, apparently, that's not the case.

Shroud Will Continue His Valorant Pro Career

During one of Shroud's recent streams, we got a confirmation that he is far from losing enthusiasm about competing on the VCT pro scene.

Viewer: Are you interested in competing more in Valorant?

Shroud: Yeah, definitely. Competing in this game is so different from playing like this shi*t. Like, ranked, who the f*ck cares; this sh*t is ass.

And that's a good thing! Whether you consider Shroud a top-tier player or look at his character more in terms of entertainment, his presence on the pro scene adds something special, we are pretty sure all of you will agree.

But... will this journey continue with Sentinels? Or maybe another organization like 100 Thieves (that just lost Hiko) will be hungry to pick up Shroud for future tournaments? If you have any speculations, be sure to join our Discord server and let us know!