Sinatraa Banned by Riot for Six Months

Sinatraa Banned by Riot for Six Months
Sinatraa won't be competing in Valorant anytime soon. (Credit: Blizzard Entertainment/Robert Paul)

Sinatraa was suspended by his Valorant team Sentinels on the account of sexual allegations. Riot Games themselves led an investigation into the matter and have now banned sinatraa for six months after he refused to cooperate.

In case you've been out of the loop, Valorant pro player sinatraa's competitive career was put to a halt in mid-March after sexual allegations made by his ex-girlfriend on Twitter. As a result, sinatraa got suspended by Sentinels and took a low profile. We've recently seen him in Twitch streams of his current girlfriend where he shared that a return to Twitch is closer than we think.

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Whether sinatraa will return to streaming Valorant is highly unlikely judging by the latest development.

Sinatraa Banned by Riot Games for Six Months

Riot Games found Won in violation of Rule 8.1 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy and banned him from competitive play for six months. Here's the exact rule:

8.1. Investigations by the Tournament Operator

The Tournament Operator will have the right to monitor compliance with this Global Policy and the applicable Event-Specific Rules and investigate possible breaches. By agreeing to this Global Policy, each Team Member agrees to cooperate with the Tournament Operator in any internal or external investigation that the Tournament Operator conducts relating to a suspected violation of this Global Policy, the applicable Event-Specific Rules or applicable law. Team Members have a duty to tell the truth in connection with any investigation conducted by or for the Tournament Operator and have a further duty not to obstruct any such investigation, mislead investigators or withhold evidence.

When sinatraa's ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual assault she also provided a short audio file. Sinatraa promised Riot Games that he'll provide the full video but since he no longer possessed it, he failed to deliver on that promise, thus obstructing the investigation led by Riot. The pro player posted an update on Twitter:

I want to preface this by saying I do not have the video/audio that she used in her statement. After our relationship ended she had asked me to delete the video and I honored that.

Sinatraa's ban from competitive play will be retroactive, and it'll start from March 10, the date when he originally got suspended by Sentinels. This means that we'll probably see him playing again after September 10, unless it all gets worse. Won will be missing the Stage 3 Masters Valorant tournament in Berlin as it starts on September 9, but he might make the cut for the Last Chance Qualifier which is scheduled for October.

Furthermore, sinatraa will have to complete professional conduct training prior to being able to return to play. The full statement by Riot Games can be found on the official Valorant website. What do you think will happen further down the line? Will sinatraa make a comeback to the Valorant pro scene? Will he get banned forever? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!


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