Sinatraa Back on Twitch, Plans a Return to the Valorant Pro Scene

Sinatraa Plans a Return to the Pro Scene
Will Sinatraa make a comeback later this year? (Credit: Sentinels)

Earlier this week, Jay "sinatraa" Won got a six month ban from Riot Games, thus preventing him from competing in the Valorant pro scene. What happens when the ban is over, though?

Jay "Sinatraa" Won was suspended by his team Sentinels back in March due to sexual allegations made by his ex-girlfriend. Just the other day, Riot Games banned the pro player from competing for six months, as he failed to cooperate during the company's investigation into the allegations. Despite of this, Sinatraa plans to return to the pro scene after the ban is over.

Sinatraa Back on Twitch

After his initial suspension by Sentinels, Sinatraa went silent and disappeared from all platforms. Today, he returned to Twitch and was welcomed back by almost 20k viewers. During the stream, fans asked him various questions regarding the ban and his future. One viewer, in particular, asked whether Sentinels will welcome him back after the ban is over.

Sinatraa seems uncertain whether his old team will await him with open arms, so we might see him changing the organization and team in September. His skills were never under question, but depending on the outcome of the investigation, his reputation – and by extension, Sentinel's reputation – is at stake.

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Will Sinatraa Return to Pro Play

Sinatraa shared that he intends to return to the Valorant pro scene once the ban is over.

That partially implies that the investigation will find him innocent of the allegations. After all, if he's found guilty then his competitive career would certainly be over. In the meantime, Sinatraa could return to regular streaming on Twitch, and that'll leave a lot of his fans pleased.


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