Teams To Look Out For During VCT 2022 Stage 1

We've now seen the VCT Stage 1 Qualifiers, and you can already see which teams have done their homework. The 4 rosters that we will cover today have the strongest potential for the growth in the Valorant eSports scene right now.
VCT top
Expect these teams at the next major! | © Riot Games

We all expect teams like Acend, Sentinels, Gambit, and 100 Thieves to win their matches in VCT Stage 1 – but what about the other twenty participants? Are any of them able to knock out the teams we listed above? In our opinion, yes, absolutely! Here are 4 rosters that we expect to shake things up in the coming weeks.


Version1 clean
Clean. | © Riot Games

The first team that we think has a great chance of qualifying for a Major and becoming one of the top teams on the NA scene is Version1. In the first NA Open Qualifier, they managed to take first place without losing a single map. Sure, at first, they played against relatively fresh teams for whom this was one of the first tournaments, but then teams like Complexity and Rise came their way… and that didn't break a sweat; they didn't even lose a total of 10 rounds against them.

Current Version1 Roster
NicknameReal NameRole
ZanderAlexander DituriPlayer (Team IGL)
pennyErik PennyPlayer
wippieMaxim ShepelevPlayer
effysLoic SauvageauPlayer
ZellsisJordan MontemurroPlayer
ImmiIan HardingCoach

Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity open qualifier performance
Luminosity Gaming's preformance in NA Stage 1 Open Qualifier | ©

After Luminosity Gaming fell short during the Last Chance Qualifiers, we knew they still had a lot of work ahead of them. However, it looks like they've been training hard over the past few months as they showed a really high level of teamplay at the NA Open Qualifiers, which earned them a slot in Stage 1 Challengers. We feel that this team has been given new life, especially with the addition of two new players to the roster – Adam "mada" Pampuch (ex-Andbox) and Brandon "bdog" Sanders (ex-TSM Academy), who added some freshness to the team.

Current Luminosity Gaming Roster
NicknameReal NameRole
dazzLeWill LoafmanPlayer (Team IGL)
TiGGTanner SpanuPlayer
mooseKaleb JaynePlayer
madaAdam PampuchPlayer
bdogBrandon SandersPlayer
macJared SchneiderCoach

Guild Esports

Koldamenta guild esports
Apparently he will play against his two past teams. | © Riot Games

Guild Esports had some significant roster changes earlier this year, including signing "koldamenta" from G2 Esports. And well, they absolutely rocked the first EMEA Qualifier; no one can take that away from them. They lost only one map in the entire qualifier and won the final against Team Vitality 3:0 in beautiful style. And fun fact – Guild Esports will be in a group with G2 Esports and Acend, two teams "koldamenta" played for in 2021, so get ready for some exciting and emotional games.

Current Guild Esports Roster
NicknameReal NameRole
LeoLeo JannessonPlayer
SayfSaif JibraeelPlayer
koldamentaJose Luis Aranguren HerreroPlayer
RussRussel MendesPlayer
trexxNikita CherednichenkoPlayer
BARBARRAndré MöllerCoach


Our "dark horse" pick for VCT Stage 1 | © LDN UTD

British organization LDN UTD formed a new Valorant roster at the end of 2021 that has been doing quite well in online cups, even winning matches against organizations such as Natus Vincere and Tenstar. Although the team is not yet experienced in official tournaments, they really showed off their skills in the Stage 1 EMEA Qualifier #2, taking second place behind G2 Esports. We have to admit that we hadn't heard of these players before, but to be honest, they showed us some really high-quality Valorant in the Qualifiers, especially in terms of teamplay, which is why we think they can be a “dark horse” of this tournament and qualify for Masters at the first attempt. Here's our favorite LDN UTD game from the qualifiers; if you have some spare time, be sure to check it out, as there are some fantastic games being played:

Current LDN UTD Roster
NicknameReal NameRole
feqewLukas PetrauskasPlayer
BooRičardas LukaševičiusPlayer
MOLSIMichał ŁąckiPlayer
DestrianTomas LinikasPlayer
DreamasAurimas ZablockisPlayer
JoYntTommaso GavioliCoach