Valorant YR1 Tracker: All Events and Rewards

Valorant yr1
It's time to celebrate! (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant turned a year old yesterday and celebrations are in order. Riot Games revealed that the whole month of June will be dedicated to YR1 of Valorant. Expect events, rewards, and more!

Prepare for a long and eventful June as Valorant will have plenty going on. Riot's tactical shooter turned a year old on June 2 and the company celebrated it with the Birthday Rush event. The rest of the month will be just as exciting as many events and rewards await in the YR1 calendar.

Valorant YR1: All Events and Rewards

Yesterday Riot Games made a dedicated blog post of everything you can expect for the rest of June from the YR1 events. Let's take a look!

The Night Market Returns

Good news for everyone who wants cool skins with a hefty discount. The Night Market is back and players will get a customized selection of skins that's unique to you and you alone.

Valorant give back bundle
Vote in the Give Back Bundle! (Credit: Riot Games)

The Give Back Bundle

This time it's not just a regular Run It Back bundle. Some of the most popular skins in Valorant will be making a glorious return with the release of Episode 3 Act 1, and it's up to you to decide. Cast your vote for the Give Back Bundle up until June 7. The winners will be announced on June 16!

Player Cards

To Celebrate the Valorant anniversary, Riot are also releasing some exclusive player cards that you'll be able to claim. Here's where to get them as described in the blog post:

  • EP1 (6/9) - Keep your eyes peeled for where to find this drop
  • EP2 (6/14) - Coming your way via a special YR1 Prime Gaming Drop
  • EP3 - Collect as part of the first ever YR1 Event Pass

There's still time before the cards are out so stay tuned for an update!

Community Battle Pass

The Valorant community will also have a hance to contribute for the creation of the first-ever Community Battle Pass.

Each of our global VALORANT regions will vote for a unique item like Sprays, Gun Buddies, and titles that best reflect their local region. The VALORANT dev team will review the top vote earners, with select items to appear in a future Community-powered Battlepass in Episode 4.

Sadly we won't see the Community Battle Pass before Episode 4.

WWFest Returns

Remember the WWFest? The music festival is set to make a return later this month no doubt to celebrate the release of Episode 3 Act 1.

YR1 Event Pass

All players will also get the YR1 Event Pass for absolutely free. Generous from you, Riot!

No prerequisites, no VP spend, just 7 levels of exclusive YR1 items like the Episode 3 Player Card, a Gun Buddy, and more. Just play VALORANT, earn XP, and unlock.

Episode 3 Live Stream

The next Episode in Valorant is getting closer and closer. Riot Games skipped patch 2.10 and 2.11 is expected to drop on June 8. The current Battle Pass ends on June 21 and Episode 3 Act 1 is most likely arriving on June 22. Naturally, the live stream for Episode 3 is scheduled for June 21. Live on Twitch, June 21 at 10AM PT.

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Squad Boost

With Squad Boost Riot Games are encouraging you to queue up with your friends and go fragging together.

Get more from VALORANT when you play with friends. Queue with your favorite entry fraggers, support, and lurkers, to get more XP in any VALORANT game mode. Squad Boost runs for one month, specifically, June 22 to July 26, with timings to coincide with your local Patch release.

The more friends you invite the greater the bonus:

  • Duo: +8%
  • Three-man squad: +12%
  • Four-man squad: +16%
  • Full stack: +20%
Account Leveling Valorant Episode 3
Cool new features are on the way! (Credit: Riot Games)

Account Leveling

With the introduction of Episode 3 Riot will add a new way to visually represent leveling up.

What do you do when your birthday ends? Get ready for the next one! Episode 3 will add a new way to recognize and reward you for your time playing VALORANT.

A New Agent

Last but not least, Riot are promising a new agent with the next Episode. We've already gathered all the new info regarding the new character.

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