Valorant: The Best Agents Against Campers

Valorant: The Best Agents Against Campers
Who else but these two? | © Riot Games

What makes Valorant unique is the mix of agent abilities and gunplay. Despite that, some players prefer to camp by crouching behind a corner and waiting for a kill. Here are the best agents to counter that.

Let's face it, there are campers in every online shooter there is. You'll encounter them in CS:GO, Call of Duty, and even in Valorant. After all, Riot's title is a tactical shooter and strategy plays a huge role. Camping isn't necessarily wrong, it's just frustrating to play against. With the number of corners and crevices, some maps in Valorant feel more like a maze, and you have to check every corner to be safe. The good news is that you don't always have to.

The Best Valorant Agents Against Campers

Currently, there are 16 agents in Valorant, and most of them have access to some sort of crowd control. Still, there are those who excel at flushing enemies out of their hiding spots. Agents that are generally great at that, are the Initiators.

Valorant Agent Sova Best Against Campers
Sova is a constant threat to the enemy team. | © Riot Games


Arguably the best at making the enemy team uncomfortable. Sova's main tool is his Recon Bolt. After deploying the bolt on a surface, it'll release a pulse and reveal the location of nearby foes. The only counter the enemy team has, is to destroy it before it activates. Then again, the window to do so is short, and they'll still be revealing their position. The rest of Sova's abilities are also great at forcing people out of hiding, but do consider if it's worth just firing a random Hunter's Fury at a wall.


Just like the name suggests, Breach is excellent at it. All of his abilities go directly through walls, roofs, and terrain. That makes him perfect for sniping some campers. Aim through the corner and shake them up. His After Shock was reworked with patch 3.00, and it'll now deal three instances of damage instead of one. That's bad for burst and good for sustained threat.


The Australian agent is a mix between Sova and Breach. She has the Trailblazer, which is similar to Owl Drone. Her flashbangs can be guided and Seekers will detect and reveal nearby opponents. Overall, better than most of the other agents against campers, but not as good as the two agents we mentioned above.

Agent Kayo Valorant Best Against Campers
KAY/O's kit is unique among the cast. | © Riot Games


Then, we have the most recent agent to join the roster. KAY/O has access to a grenade, a flashbang, and the ability to suppress enemy abilities. The flashbang and the grenade can be helpfu,l but there are definitely better options.

Honorable mentions


Both of these agents can teleport around the map, and that allows you to avoid peeking around a corner. Flanking can give you great results as most players are usually focused on watching a certain spot and don't expect an ambush.

Agents with a Molly

There are quite a few agents in Valorant with access to a Molotov-type ability. These include Brimstone, Viper and Killjoy (kind of). Raze's Paint Shells also deserves a mention here, even though it's not technically a Molly.

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