Is Valorant Coming to Console?

Riot Games Headquarters
We might soon find a similar building in Shanghai. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is in the process of opening a new game development studio in Shanghai, China. The studio will focus on both new and existing games, according to Riot VP Leo Lin in an interview with CNBC International. A console version of Valorant could now be in development at the Chinese studio. So, let's ask the question: is Valorant coming to console?

According to Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent, the studio will hire hundreds of employees to work on the development of various Riot titles. The company feels obligated to make its games available to all gamers, whether it's console or mobile, Lin said of the new site's interests in China. The focus will remain on PC games, but there is still full confidence in the Chinese market, and the development of console games in China.

Is Valorant Coming to Console?

It seems quite likely that Valorant will be coming to Console in the near future, due to Riot Games Shanghai's dedication to the Console market. There have been rumors about Valorant coming to console for a while now, but with the new studio, and the focus on console games, the dream might finally come true. Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, says that League of Legends is the most popular game in China, with 325 million registered players. The company is still waiting for Valorant to be released in China, but that will certainly be a priority for the company as they try to expand further into the Chinese market.

Valorant's gameplay and limited abilities are actually perfect for console gaming. Especially for console-only gamers, who could only enviously watch the Pc players on Twitch, the console release would be a game changer.

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