Valorant: The Duality Player Card Now Free For Everyone

Valorant Duality Player Card
The Duality Player Card is free for grabs! (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games have released a brand-new lore cinematic and with it a free gift for all players - the Duality Player Card. Here's all you need to know and how to get the time-limited item!

Valorant is currently in its Episode 2 Act 3 and in just a few weeks Riot Games will be releasing a new act. According to the in-game Battle Pass the end date for Episode 2 Act 3 is set for June 21. This means we can expect the start of Episode 3 on June 22. That is unless Riot decide to make some sort of unexpected delay.

June 8 Update

Forget claiming the Duality Player card. Due to the slow process and many players experiencing issues with the redemption process Riot decided to just add the Duality Player card to everyone's inventory.

That's one way to solve it!

The Duality Lore Cinematic

Riot surprised Valorant fans with a lore cinematic that went live yesterday during the Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik. Duality is the latest entry in a series that tries to expand Valorant's world, but maybe it raises more questions than it actually answers. You can check the full video below.

Valorant's lore is something we don't know a whole lot about yet but Riot are slowly expanding the universe. The latest cinematic, Duality, reveals that there's a parallel planet and each of the agents will have to face their alternate version. Now where have we seen that before?

How to Claim the Duality Player Card for Free

Along with the new video, Riot Games released the Duality Player Card. The best part? You can claim it for absolutely free! There's a catch though, it's only available for 48 hours, so just go get it. Here's how to claim the Duality Player Card:

  • Log in with your Riot Games account
  • Go to the Redeem page on the official Valorant website
  • Enter the code "YTILAUD"
Valorant Duality Player Card code enter
This is what the page should look like. (Credit: Riot Games)

If you're having issues opening the Redeem page, you're not alone. Numerous players reported that they can't reach the site at all and that's probably due to the heavy traffic.

Riot Removes the Time Limit

Since everyone was so eager to claim the free Duality Player Card, the Valorant servers got overloaded. This resulted in frustration and many players were worried they won't be able to get the Duality Player Card. As a result, Riot Games decided to remove the time limit altogether.

There's still one problem. Players are now experiencing the "you have reached your maximum entries for this code" error when trying to input the code. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do on your end, and it'll be up to Riot to clear it up. Even days after the initial release of the card some players are still having trouble reaching the page. Others are stuck after entering the code.

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