Episode 3 Act 2 Battle Pass Skins Revealed

Valorant Artisan Ghost Article Variants
Finally, some upgradeable Battle Pass skins! | © Riot Games, Valorantstrike.com

28 new weapon skin variants! That's at least how much we'll get in the Valorant Episode 3 Act 2. And why "at least"? Let's get into the details.

It's pretty much official — we'll get 3 new skin collections in the next Valorant Battle Pass, one of which will be upgradeable. So, what will be the price of our grind this time? We've gathered all the information on all the Episode 3 Act 2 skin collections that you'll be able to pick up in-game on September 8!

Artisan Skin Collection

Let's start with probably the most spectacular Episode 3 Act 2 collection so far. The Aristan skin line is a series of upgradeable weapon skins that come in 4 variants — Default, Green, Purple, and Red. It goes with that genie theme, and hopefully, there will be additional animations available! Can you imagine a finisher that spawns a genie's lamp that your opponent falls into? The Aristan collection will include gun buddy and will be available for five weapons:

  • Bucky
  • Ghost
  • Marshal
  • Phantom
  • Melee (also 4 different variants!)

Nitro Skin Collection

Next up, Nitro weapon skins, which seem to be related to the Electroflux and Surge collections from Ignition: Act 3 Battle Pass. They have the exact same design, except that the dominant color here is yellow. The Nitro collection will probably not include a gun buddy and will be available for four weapons:

  • Guardian
  • Odin
  • Operator
  • Vandal

Varnish Skin Collection

Finally, something the Valorant community has called the "sofa skins" - the Varnish skin line. Nevertheless, you have to admit that this wooden design has something; it is not the same as the Infantry collection, it has more of an office vibe, but it will surely find its admirers. Again, it's unlikely to get a gun buddy or any VFX here. The Varnish skin collection will be available for four weapons:

  • Bulldog
  • Judge
  • Sheriff
  • Stinger

What about the Zedd skins?

We got no updates on the Zedd skins, but we are almost sure that we will get them in the Patch that comes out on September 8th. The only new information we got is that what for many was a teaser of new maps is probably an announcement of a new Zedd skin line:

Moreover, it's Zedd's birthday today, so we wouldn't be surprised if Riot surprises him with a reveal of his own skin collection within the next few hours. And if that happens, we'll be sure to write about it, so follow our Valorant section, Twitter, and Instagram to be up-to-date with all the hottest news.

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