Valorant Episode 3 Dev Stream Highlights

Valorant Episode 3 Dev Stream Highlights
All you need to know from the recent dev live stream! | © Riot Games

Valorant's Episode 3 Act 1 is getting released today, but we already had a sneak peek yesterday with the official developer live stream. Here are the most important bits.

There's no better time to get excited about the next Episode 3 in Valorant, as it's just around the corner. Only hours remain from the current Episode 2 Act 3. Yesterday, Riot Games made an official developer live stream during which the team discussed various topics. As a result, we now have a good idea of exactly what to expect in Episode 3 Act 1, and beyond. Here's what you need to know.

Valorant Dev Stream Highlights

Episode 3 Maximum Placement Rank

Episode 3 in Valorant will introduce some interesting competitive changes. First and foremost, the maximum placement rank that you can achieve is now Diamond 1. Up until now, the highest rank you could achieve through placement matches was Platinum 2. That's all about to change.

Butterfly Knife Confirmed

Another thing that's highly requested by the Valorant community is a butterfly knife skin. During the developer live stream, Valorant Art Lead Sean Marino confirmed that a Butterfly Knife will be coming to Valorant.

Now there's just the question of "when".

5-Man Stacks Return With In-Game Tournaments

Before the beginning of 2021, players were able to squad up and enter competitive with up to four friends. That changed earlier this year, and Riot have been criticized ever since! Many content creators and pro players expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of competitive Valorant and blamed the lack of 5-stacks for it. The devsmentioned that they're working on a way to bring it all back, and in-game tournaments seem to be the way forward.

Sadly, a release date is not clear yet.

Deadeye Revealed As the Latest Agent

We've been waiting for Agent 16 for a couple of patches, as the agent never came with the current act. When Riot revealed agent KAY/O as the next one to join the roster, something was off. Namely, KAY/O was revealed as "Agent 17", so what happened to Agent 16, then? The answer is "Deadeye". During the Year One Anthem video, fans were quick to notice the hints of agent Deadeye.

Not much is known about Deadeye, but the agent is carrying a weapon we've never seen before. Whether that's one of his abilities or a brand-new weapon purchasable by everyone remains to be seen.

Immortal 1/2/3 Return With Episode 3 Act 2

Another thing of the past will be making a return with Immortal ranks. Previously there were different tiers in Immortal until Riot decided to scrap that and put everyone in simply "Immortal". It seems that the devs will backtrack on that decision and return the Immortal tiers in order to provide more precise matchmaking.

Valorant Account Leveling
Account Leveling will give you a better idea. | © Riot Games

Account Leveling Is Coming With Episode 3

A brand-new feature is coming with the start of Episode 3 – Account Leveling. Perhaps the name is a bit misleading as it might make you think about boosting. Weird. Anyway, Account Leveling is just a fancy new way of displaying how you make progress while leveling your account. The feature was first teased with the YR1 events and rewards blog post.

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