Valorant Episode 7: Release Date, Starting Time, Battle Pass & Leaks

When can fans anticipate the release of Episode 7 in Valorant, considering that the beginning of a fresh episode brings about an array of thrilling updates? Here is everything you need to know!

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Episode 7 is definitely going to be amazing! | © Riot Games

The curiosity of Valorant fans is relentless, always eager to uncover what lies ahead. Undoubtedly, Riot Games must find it quite challenging to keep up with such fervent anticipation. Consequently, our current query revolves around the commencement date of Episode 7 Act 1, acknowledging that this cycle of anticipation is an inherent aspect of the game.

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In case you're not familiar, Valorant's overall narrative is structured into distinct episodes, each comprising three Acts. As we find ourselves on the verge of Episode 6 Act 3's commencement, the countdown has begun for the conclusion of Valorant's sixth chapter.

So, let's dive into the future and inform you about when Valorant Episode 7 is expected to begin!

Valorant Episode 7 – Release Date

By examining the Battle Pass duration, we have determined that Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 is likely to conclude on June 26, which is still a considerable time away. Interestingly, this date aligns seamlessly with Riot Games' customary update and patch cycle, given that it falls on a Monday.

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Based on the information mentioned before, it is plausible that Valorant Episode 7 might commence on Tuesday, June 27. However, it is essential to note that this is purely speculative since, at the time of writing, Episode 6 Act 3 has recently begun, and therefore, details regarding what lies ahead are scarce.

As is customary, the upcoming Episode is anticipated to introduce substantial modifications to the game, predominantly in the form of balance adjustments and the potential addition of fresh content. This could entail the exciting arrival of Agent 23 or the introduction of a new map, among other possibilities.

That concludes our update for now! Rest assured, as soon as more definitive information becomes available, we will promptly provide you with updates. Stay tuned, so you don't miss out on any details regarding the release of Valorant Episode 7 Act 1.

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