Valorant Forsaken Bundle: New Act 3 Skins

Valorant forsaken skin bundle
Is the bundle worth its price tag? (Credit: Riot Games)

The new Forsaken Bundle should hit the Valorant Shop soon and just in time for the release of the upcoming Act 3 Battle Pass.

Valorant is gearing up for a new Battle Pass and bringing with it a new skin bundle. The Forsaken Collection will be released in the Valorant shop on April 27th. The Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 Battle Pass should last until June 2021 and contains skins, gun buddies, sprays, and more.

What Weapon Skins are in the Forsaken Bundle?

  • Vandal Skin
  • Operator Skin
  • Spectre Skin
  • Classic Skin
  • Ritual Blade (Melee)
  • Forsaken Card, Spray, and Gun Buddy

The Forsaken Bundle will cost a hefty 7,100 VP and to put that into perspective, it will cost you around $70. However, you are only able to buy VP in certain amounts meaning the most cost-effective way to get the Forsaken Bundle would be to drop $100 for the 11000VP point package. A big cost, but at least this skin bundle is heavy metal AF and looks like it's straight out of World of Warcraft!

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