New Valorant Map Leaked: Canyon!

Canyon valorant map leak
The 7th Valorant Map leaked! | © Riot Games

Valorant is getting a new map, lucky number 7! The next map, codename: Canyon, has had enough leaks that it is likely our next Valorant map. Here’s everything we know so far about Canyon: its release date & layout.

Valorant’s latest map, Breeze, was released in April 2021 so it is kind of surprising we are getting another map so soon. It’s nice, so let’s not complain too much, but our list of demands is growing Riot. Where is my Mobile Valorant and where is my Valorant Battle Royale? The Sentinels of Light skins are cool and all, but we need something a little more to chew on. A new map is exactly what we need!

With Episode 3 Act 1 drawing to a close, it is perfect timing for some kind of big announcement for Riot’s Valorant. The last few patches were very small and mostly fixed bugs so this new Canyon map better bring the fire.

Leakers have discovered enough details about this new map that they’re sure it’s going to be named Canyon, but this remains unconfirmed by Riot.

Valorant Canyon map layout

The layout of the map has not been discovered yet or announced by Riot. However, the landscape of the map has been leaked and it appears to be some kind of brushland region with a canyon. How cool would it be if we got an outdoors Valorant map, something where you felt like you were in the wilderness!

The bulk of the leaks appear to be from the recent night market where images of the new map appeared.

Canyon Release Date in Valorant

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 is expected to wrap up on September 8, which means Act 2 will release then, so this could mean we hear something official from Riot very soon. So far, all the new maps have dropped on these Act release dates in the past, so Canyon could be announced on September 8 along with the new Act. However, it’s more likely Canyon will drop in Act 3 later in October since Riot has been super slow lately and delaying a lot of things recently like the Yoru rework.

As it goes with all leaks, nothing has been confirmed yet. So, take all leaks at face value until more details emerge in the upcoming weeks.

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