Valorant Origin Skins Leaked

Origin Skins Valorant Leak
From Valorant's Past? (Credit: Riot Games)

The Origin Valorant Skin Bundle got leaked! Valorant players have the upcoming patch 2.11 to look forward to, as Patch 2.10 was skipped by Riot Games for some odd reason. Now, a new skin bundle called Origin was also revealed.

Origin is the name of the new Valorant skin bundle, and it was leaked yesterday by a popular data miner that has a Valorant Leaks Twitter account. It's the same one that gave us the correct patch notes in the past, so you could say it's a trustworthy source at this point. Also, the skins are seen in-game, so that is pretty hard to fake successfully, meaning these skins are legit and will appear in Valorant at some point.

Check out Valorant Patch 2.11: Release Date & Details to gain insight as to when these skins will be available for purchase.

Valorant Origin Skins

Much like any other skin leak from the past, not a lot of information is available, aside from a picture and the name - Origin. They look like the kind of weapon skins from a lost but powerful ancient society. The name of the bundle definitely suggests the skins are from the beginning of something from Valorant's past history.

The Valorant Origin Skin Bundle Weapons:

  • Vandal
  • Frenzy
  • Operator
  • Bucky
  • Melee

These are some of the most popular weapons in Valorant, and we have no doubt that the bundle will be a hit amongst fans. There's even an insane disc-like melee weapon skin that looks like it is made for punching.

Who knows what might be added later, and we are not even 100% sure if the weapons listed above are even correct, but judging from the leaks, they really do look legit.

Valorant Origin Skins Price

When it comes to price, we'll have to once again take a wild guess. It looks expensive, though! This means somewhere around 1275 VP for a single skin, or less than 5000 VP for the whole bundle. No official price has been revealed by Riot Games. But, Valorant Skins are never cheap.

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