Valorant Patch 2.09: New Game Mode Replication Replaces Escalation

Replication patch 2 09
That is A LOT of Tripwires! (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant’s New Game mode Replication was teased on Twitter with three separate posts, and finally, official details have been confirmed by Riot Games. In Patch 2.09, players can queue up for Replication as it will replace Escalation. But what exactly is the new game mode?

Here is everything you need to know about Replication!

Riot gives us a third teaser!

This time, a Jett chases after a Cypher, only to be led into a net of Tripwires literally hanging from everywhere. Looks like Replication will let teams pick the same 5 agents in this modified game mode.


How Does Replication Work in Patch 2.09?

Similar to League of Legend’s One for All mode, Riot has confirmed that Replication will be a 5v5 battle of the same Agents on each side. Lisa Ohanian, production manager at Riot Games, had this to say about the new game mode Replication:

We definitely took inspiration from League’s One-For-All mode, but there’s so much that’s different between our games - for example, our roster is a fraction of the size of theirs - that we needed to make a lot of decisions differently too.

How Are Agents Picked?

Jett ultimate replacation
10 vs 10 Jett? Knives only! (Credit: Riot Games)

There is a pre-match vote that each team goes through and the agent with the most votes is the agent the whole squad plays. Prepare yourself for a 5v5 match with 10 Jetts zipping and gliding around the map and everyone quite literally bringing a knife to a gunfight. Replication will have a built-in 'flashguard', so you cannot be flashed more than twice in a row and then only again after 5 seconds.

How do Abilities, Ultimates & Weapons Work in Replication?

In Patch 2.09, Replication will be a new playable game mode that modifies the normal plant the Spike gameplay.

  • Your abilities recharge each round, so you can spam them every round. However, you do not get infinite charges of your Agent’s abilities.
  • Ultimates do not recharge each round, but you gain one point per round. That means both teams will have a full squad of ultimates at the same time. Let the chaos begin, as Viper fills the map with her Viper’s Pit.
  • Weapons & Shields also recharge each round, so in theory, everyone can use the same weapon and the same agent to keep everything on the theme.
  • Credits are awarded in the following way win or lose: Round 1 gives 900, then 2400, 3900, and 6000 credits for each subsequent round.

Replication will replace Escalation and according to Riot Games, the new game mode will only be around for 2 weeks. Patch 2.09 should be out today as of writing this article or out very soon!

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