Valorant Player of the Month, May 2021: ScreaM

Scream csgo valorant dreamhack
ScreaM left CS:GO and he made it big in Valorant. (Credit: DreamHack)

With our "Player of the Month" series, we introduce you to some of the best players, streamers, and content creators in Valorant. We started out with TenZ, but now it's time for ScreaM.

The second entry in our series is no other than Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom. The Belgian player shares a story that's quite similar to many other Valorant players - he left CS:GO to start his career in Valorant. While playing Valve's shooter, he was known for his high headshot ratio and has been on HLTV's top 20 player rankings twice (in 2013 and 2016).

ScreaM in Valorant

ScreaM's transition to Valorant started in various small events. He then started playing for Prodigy, an esports agency that had a Valorant team at the time (all the way back in 2020). After over a month with Prodigy, he joined fish123 as a stand-in. Since the results the team displayed were quite impressive for a stack, it wasn't long before an organization picked them up. In early August, Team Liquid signed fish123 and the entire roster.

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ScreaM and Liquid

Since fish123 was kept alive, nothing really changed for the team and ScreaM, except the stakes were much higher. Results came instantly as Team Liquid took third place at the Allied Esports Odyssey and the BLAST Twitch Invitational. Things got better with the start of 2021. Liquid were just a map away from snatching the trophy at Red Bull Homeground but ultimately lost to G2 Esports in the grand final.

Looking at the most recent tournaments, Team Liquid are on a hot streak. With a second-place at Stage 2 Challengers 2 and first at Stage 2 Challengers Finals, their fans are eager to see if the team will make it to the top in Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik.

Scream team liquid valorant
Will ScreaM and Liquid make it to Champions later this year? (Credit: Team Liquid)

Why is ScreaM the Valorant Player of the Month?

Team Liquid proved they're the best Valorant team in Europe, and they're currently competing at the Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik. ScreaM played a major role in that and while it's arguable that he's not the best player on the team, he's certainly the most famous one. Liquid dropped to the lower bracket yesterday after losing to Version1, but not all is lost, as we might see a miracle run.


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