Valorant Player of the Month, September 2021: Chronicle

Chronicle Valorant
We can't wait to see him at Valorant World Championships | © VCT

Our "Player of the Month" series is here to show you the players and streamers who stood out in the Valorant scene over the past 30 days. This time, we present you Timofey "Chronicle" Khromov from Gambit Esports, who was really hard to miss this month.

Everyone expected "nAts" to be the MVP of the tournament and "the carry" of Gambit Esports, but it turns out this team has other players to watch out for in the future. One of them is Chronicle, a 19-year-old player from Russia. We won't forget what we saw from him at Masters Berlin for a very long time, and anyone who followed that tournament or even watched just the final match knows what we're talking about.

Chronicle & Valorant

Before Masters Berlin, no one particularly noticed him, and perhaps he wasn't heard of much mainly because of the great fame of his teammate, nAts. But what if we told you that this young man earned $70,000 and won 83% of his tournament matches in just a year of playing professional Valorant? Not many players in the CIS/EMEA region can afford to boast similar numbers.

He has been in Gambit Esports since October 2020, but before that, he played in a smaller team called FishkaVTom, where he won virtually every online cup he played. Chronicle mains three Agents — Viper, Brimstone, and Sova. However, everyone now associates him with his fantastic gameplay with Sova, which you can watch almost every day on his Twitch streams.

  • And by the way, did you know that Sova means "owl" in most Eastern European countries (including Russia)?

On the day we post this article (September 28, 2021), we mark the first anniversary of Chronicle joining Gambit Esports and look at his amazing development. He started as a player for a small CIS team that played online cups, and just a year later, he is considered the MVP of the Masters Berlin tournament and has a guaranteed slot at the Valorant World Championships. Chronicle is undoubtedly an inspiration to all players aspiring to become pro in Valorant and pure evidence of how much you can grow in esports by working hard for the entire year.

Why is Chronicle our Player of the Month?

Valorant Chronicle
Rare footage of Chronicle destroying Envy | © VCT

Our choice is driven by what we saw at Masters Berlin. And sure, for many, it would probably be nAts but let's be honest — we all expected what we saw from him; he's already a Valorant star. On the other hand, nobody expected much from Chronicle, although now it will probably change forever. Throughout the tournament, he scored a KDA of 1.96, a total of 245 frags, and stats of 73:45 in the Grand Final match against Team Envy. And not to just throw stats at you, watch Chronicle in action:

We already can't wait to see him at Valorant Champions (aka World Championships), which will be held in Berlin in December! And to make sure you stay up to date with all Valorant esports news, follow our Valorant section.

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