Valorant Player of the Month: TenZ

Valorant tenz sentinels
TenZ found great success with Sentinels. (Credit: Sentinels/TenZ)

With our new "Player of the Month" series, we'll introduce you to some of the best players, streamers, and content creators in Valorant. Our first choice is no other than Tyson "TenZ" Ngo.

The first player of the month in Valorant we'll introduce you to, is Tyson "TenZ" Ngo. His career started with Valve's CS:GO, where he played for various teams, most notably on Cloud9. In 2020, he became inactive and decided to continue as a streamer for the organization. In the same year, Valorant came out. It wasn't long before TenZ decided to make the switch and kick-start his career in Riot's brand-new tactical shooter.

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TenZ and Valorant

TenZ was already in a big esports organization, and it came as a no-brainer that he'll join the newly found Cloud9 Valorant roster - Cloud9 Blue. Together with the team, Ngo had some mediocre results. Cloud9 Blue was always somewhere in-between the rankings but rarely took first place. It wasn't long before TenZ decided to step away from competitive Valorant and focus on content creation.

That didn't last though and his return to Valorant proved inevitable. On March 10, Jay "sinatraa" Won was suspended from the Sentinels Valorant team due to sexual allegations that were made against him. The team was in dire need of a last-minute replacement and TenZ was the perfect stand-in.

Despite the fact that TenZ and the team had literally zero time to practice, Sentinels managed to take first place in the Valorant Masters 1. Later on, the organization decided to stick with TenZ for the next series of events that were the Stage 2 Challengers. The team flopped in the open qualifier for the NA Stage 2 Challengers 1 and couldn't make it to the actual event. For Challengers 2, they totally made up for it by winning the event and earning a spot in the NA Challengers Finals.

Why is TenZ the Valorant Player of the Month?

Sentinels are currently one of the favorites to take first place in the Challengers Finals, and it was all made possible thanks to TenZ (and the rest of the team). Whether the pro player will remain on the team depends on how the sinatraa situation gets resolved. For now, he's still loaned from Cloud9, but that might change soon. If you want to check TenZ live, be sure to visit his Twitch channel!


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