Valorant: The Best Pro-Players For Every Role In The Game

In every sport, fans like to discuss who might be the best player around. When it comes to mastering Valorant, the most effective way to learn is by observing individuals who excel beyond your own capabilities. Witnessing the top performer in your specific role remains unparalleled for enhancing your skills. Here, we present the ultimate cream of the crop.

Tenz ngo
Tenz might currently be the most skilled player in the game |©Riot Games

In Valorant, agents are divided into roles or classes. Each role has unique abilities that fulfill specific tasks. In this article, we'll introduce our selections for the best players in each in-game role.

Identifying the Top Initiator in Valorant

Let's begin with the role that's less common in lower-ranked matches.

The Initiator's responsibilities in Valorant include:

  • Being selfless
  • Facilitating entry for duelists & coordinating
  • Providing utility & managing timings

The current standout team in Valorant Champions 2023 is Fnatic, despite their recent dip in performance. They've shown impressive Valorant gameplay and even ended a significant winning streak. Fnatic's Leo is one reason for their success, being one of the finest Initiators in the Valorant professional scene.

Initiators often don't get recognition, as they don't usually grab the spotlight or kill counts. When you see Derke or Boater excelling, remember that Leo set up those opportunities, and they appreciate it.

Pinpointing the Best Controller in Valorant

Controllers are integral components of any team composition.

Controller roles in Valorant involve:

  • Creating smoke barriers
  • Exerting control on the playing field
  • Staying vigilant about all events

DRX faces Fnatic in a lower-bracket match tonight, fighting to stay in the competition. Their achievement of a top 6 position in Valorant Champions 2023 is significant, and part of the credit goes to their star Controller, Mako.

Mako has consistently performed well for his team, boasting an average rating of 1.22 in their Upper Bracket victory against Bilibili Gaming.

Identifying the Premier Sentinel in Valorant

Sentinels often function as in-game leaders in Valorant, setting the game's tempo for their teams.

If we're seeking the best Sentinel player at present, we should focus on the standout Killjoy in Champions 2023. The game's meta guides agent selections, and Killjoy is an integral part of every team composition in this prestigious event. While you might think we're showing favoritism towards Fnatic, it's simply that they've consistently performed well this season. Fnatic's Alfajer is the kind of Sentinel who can outperform duelists and carry his team through challenging matches.

Alfa currently stands as the unparalleled Killjoy. His journey has been filled with challenges, including facing his homeland's only team in Champions 2023 and eliminating them from the tournament.

Discovering the Foremost Duelist in Valorant

The duelist role is often overpicked in public matches, sometimes beyond necessity. To excel as a Valorant duelist, you need to surpass a significant number of players, given the intense competition.

With several exceptionally skilled candidates, it's challenging to pinpoint a single standout duelist. Among the crowd, Aspas & ZmjjKK have truly distinguished themselves. They face each other tonight in a lower bracket elimination match in Champions, and the victor will claim the title of Duelist King.

According to Champions 2023 statistics, LOUD Aspas currently holds the record for the most kills, earning him the title of top duelist with respect. As the reigning champions, they have a lot to prove this season after a lackluster performance. A victory and successful title defense in Los Angeles will redeem their standing.

Recognizing the Supreme Flex Player in Valorant

Flex players serve as "fill-ins" in public matches, waiting until the last moment to choose the agent needed for the team composition.

Hybrid players are vital for any team composition, simplifying decision-making and enhancing flexibility. Among the numerous candidates displaying exceptional versatility, EG Demon1 has stood out the most.

He has played the following roles:

  • 11 Games as Jett - 248 ACS / 1.21 Rating
  • 2 Games as Chamber - 204 ACS / 1.07 Rating
  • 2 Games as Brimstone - 279.5 ACS / 1.58 Rating
  • 2 Games as Astra - 222 ACS / 1.19 Rating

He's been among the most reliable performers in Champions so far, often entangled in drama and trash-talking situations. However, his performance backs up his words, justifying his popularity.

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