Leak: Clash-Like Tournament Mode Coming to Valorant

Valorant Tournament
Will finding your way onto the tournament scene be more accessible than before? | © Riot Games

It looks to be a fascinating time for Valorant players. A new patch, the announced reworks, the Valorant Championship Tour going on, rumors about Valorant coming to console, and... a new Tournament Mode coming soon.

We first heard about a tournament mode coming to Valorant back in June 2021 in a tweet from one of the Riot game designers. Yesterday, Patch Notes 3.03 came out along with many leaks, and it seems that the new competitive game mode in Valorant is coming earlier than we might think. Will this allow you and your squad to qualify for the Valorant Championship Tour and win some big prizes? Let's check out everything we already know about it!

Valorant Patch 3.03: Tournament Mode Leaks

One of the Valorant influencers, RumbleMike, found information about the upcoming Tournament Mode in Valorant's Game Data. He shared his discoveries on Twitter:

If these leaks turn out to be true, then Valorant will become an even bigger player in the FPS game market. But what could these “high stakes” be in the new Valorant Tournament Mode? Could it mean entry fees? The possibility of earning real money through such a mode seems unlikely; perhaps the main currency will be Valorant Points? All we can do is wait, although it seems we won't have to wait too long.

Will Tournament Mode Replace the VCT Circuit?

Until yesterday, the community believed that Valorant’s Tournament Mode would be more like Clash from League of Legends and would have no connection to mainstream esports. What do we think about it now?

For now, we can only speculate, but it looks like Valorant's new Tournament Mode will be much more competitive than LoL's Clash. Will it be able to compete with VCT Circuit, though? We doubt it. But it certainly has a chance to stir things up in the Valorant esports scene. Instead, we continue to expect to see the organizations like Fnatic, TSM, and Team Envy at the most important tournaments, but we may see more infamous players and fewer streamers in their lineups. And perhaps, by doing well in a new Tournament Mode, it will be much easier for you to become one of them.

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