Valorant Weapon Guide: Odin

Valorant Weapon Guide Odin
Now that's a gun! | © Riot Games/Dino Rhinosaur via ArtStation

Our Valorant Weapon Guide series continues with the machine guns in Valorant. Today, we'll be taking a look at the Odin – the heaviest weapon in Valorant.

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Odin Weapon Guide

We've already gone through the snipers, rifles, sidearms, and shotguns in Valorant. Now, it's time for the machine guns. The Odin is the bigger brother of the Ares and costs quite a lot. It can brag with the biggest magazine in the game, its great rate of fire and high wall penetration. It's also the second most expensive weapon in Valorant. Here's a quick glimpse at its stats:

  • Odin Fire rate: 12-15.6 rounds/sec
  • Odin Magazine capacity: 100 rounds
  • Odin Wall Penetration: High
  • Odin Reload Speed: 5 seconds

The fire rate of the Odin will increase as you fire continuously with it. In many ways, machine guns are the opposite of shotguns as they're great for wall-banging due to their high penetration.

Odin Damage

The damage of the Odin is very well-rounded and the machine gun can be just as effective at any range. It won't do a one-tap headshot but with its high rate of fire and wall penetration, it doesn't have to. Here's the damage at various distances:

  • 0m-30m: Body 38/Head 95/Leg 32
  • 30m-50m: Body 31/Head 77/Leg 26

A couple of shots to the body will be enough to take down any foe, whether they're behind a wall or not.

Odin Alternate Fire

Unlike the Ares, the Odin can start firing at maximum fire rate thanks to the weapon's alternate fire. In addition to that, using ADS will also grant you a 1.15x zoom and a slight spread and recoil reduction. All of this makes ADS quite viable and something that you should utilize often.

Odin Price

Then, there's the price of the Odin. As the second most expensive weapon in the game at 3200 credits, you'll probably think twice before purchasing it. That's no surprise, as for the same price you'll be able to get heavy armor and another decent primary weapon. If you're buying the Odin, you'll probably have a specific role to play and suppress the enemy team at crucial locations. Just stick to that and make sure you ask a teammate to pick your Odin in case you die.


The Odin is the more expensive machine gun in Valorant, but it's better than the Ares in every way. It has the biggest magazine, hits hard, and can go through almost any wall in the game. Using the ADS will get you to the maximum rate of fire instantly, and the only drawback of the weapon is its high price, which comes second only to the Operator.

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