Valorant Weapon Guide: Shorty

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Our Valorant Weapon Guide is almost done with all the sidearms in Valorant. Today, we'll be taking a closer look at the Shorty. It hits hard and it's cheap but is it worth it?

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Shorty Weapon Guide

If you were looking for a pistol that's basically a shotgun, the Shorty is the gun of your dreams. Sadly, it all comes at a cost. Otherwise, it'd have been a bit overpowered. Here's a quick look at the Shorty's stats:

  • Shorty Fire rate: 3.3 rounds/sec
  • Shorty Magazine capacity: 2 rounds
  • Shorty Wall Penetration: Low
  • Shorty Reload Speed: 1.75 seconds

At first glance, the Shorty seems like a terrible choice. It only has two bullets, a low rate of fire, and abysmal wall penetration. Things don't get much better when we look at the damage dropoff.

Shorty Damage

There is some light at the end of the tunnel for the Shorty. It can deal insane damage up close and one-shot fully shielded foes. Each shot fired will release 15 pellets and if you're close enough, nothing can survive it. Here's how the damage looks and falls off at various distances:

  • 0m-7m: Body 12/Head 24/Leg 10
  • 7m-15m: Body 8/Head 16/Leg 6
  • 15m-50m: Body 3/Head 6/Leg 2

As you can see, the Shorty is only effective at up to 7 meters. Anything further than that and the weapon is basically useless. You'll need to be up in someone's face in order to secure a kill.

Shorty Spread

The Shorty's spread is quite horrible, but that's to be expected, considering the weapon is intended for close quarters. Just don't use it at medium to long-range, and spread won't be something you'll ever have to think about with this weapon.

Shorty Price

Perhaps the biggest redeeming quality of the Shorty is its price. Valorant's patch 3.00 dropped it even further down from 200 credits to 150 credits! That makes the Shorty the cheapest weapon in the game.


The Shorty is in the sidearm department, but it's hardly a pistol. It's the cheapest weapon in the game, with the potential to melt anyone at close range. With just two bullets in the magazine, facing multiple enemies is a death sentence. In order to be effective with the Shorty, pair it up with agents that have mobility, or just wait around a corner. Whichever suits you!

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