Will Valorant Pro Sinatraa Return to Pro Play?

Sinatraa Valorant Pro
Is Sinatraa coming back to the scene? (Credit: Sentinels)

Valorant pro Sinatraa was spotted in recent pub matches amid sexual abuse allegations made by Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez. The claims are still under investigation by Riot Games and Team Sentinels. But does this mean Sinatraa will eventually return to the pro play?

It's been months since the Valorant pro Sinatraa was outed for apparent sexual abuse by ex-girlfriend Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez. Yet, the pro has remained silent on social media and completely absent from the pro scene due to a suspension.

Not one, but two separate Twitter posts were made by cle0h claiming varying degrees of sexual/mental abuse at the hands of the once-popular Valorant pro Sinstraa. Sinatraa is still listed as a pro for team Sentinels, but is suspended from playing any matches until an investigation was made and concluded.

Riot Games is also conducting their own investigation into the claims of sexual abuse made against the pro and if you navigate to the Sentinals website, Sinatraa is front and center on the landing page.

Sinatraa Spotted in Pub Matches

During a stream from Valorant pro and Sentinels teammate ShahZaM, it is indeed confirmed that ShamZaM played against Sinatraa in a pub match. ShahZaM added that he is not allowed to comment on the current situation referring to the investigation at hand.

Will Sinatraa Return to Pro Valorant Scene?

It is still unknown if Sinatraa will return. But this is perhaps the first step back into the Valorant scene. If not as a pro, then possibly as a Streamer. Another possibility could be that Sinatraa is keeping his Valorant skills sharp because he plans to return in the near future. Currently, a police report has been filed against Sinatraa by ex-girlfriend cle0h.

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