The Winners of the Valorant Give Back Bundle

Valorant reaver bundle give back
Half of the Reaver bundle will be making its way back. | © Riot Games

The voting for the Valorant Give Back Bundle has come to an end, and now we know all the skins that won in each category. Here are all the details.

Earlier this month, Riot Games announced that they'll be celebrating Valorant's one-year-anniversary with numerous rewards, and events throughout the month of June. One of the first special occasions was the Valorant Give Back Bundle. The latter was a community vote, that would decide which skins will make a return to the Valorant shop at the start of Episode 3. Players had the opportunity to cast their vote between June 2–7. In order for players to vote, all they had to do was log into their Riot Games account and visit the voting page. The winners of the Give Back Bundle were revealed yesterday.

Valorant Give Back Bundle - The Winners

The Give Back Bundle had four categories, and various skins in each of them. Here's a quick look at all the skins that players were able to vote for:

  • Sidearm - Ego Ghost, Reaver Sheriff, Sakura Classic, Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic, Magepunk Ghost
  • SMG/Shotgun - Sakura Stinger, VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Spectre, Oni Bucky, Sovereign Stinger, Celestial Judge
  • Rifle - Prime Vandal, Reaver Vandal, Prime 2.0 Phantom, Ion Phantom, and Infantry Guardian
  • Sniper/Machine Gun - Reaver Operator, Ion Operator, Wasteland Marshal, Sovereign Marshal, Prime 2.0 Odin

Without further ado, here are the results, and the winners in each category!

  • Give Back Bundle Sidearm - Reaver Sheriff
  • Give Back Bundle Sniper/Machine Gun - Ion Operator (not really a surprise that it's an Operator skin)
  • Give Back Bundle SMG/Shotgun - Valorant GO! Vol. 1 Spectre
  • Give Back Bundle Rifle - Reaver Vandal

Half the winners are from the same bundle, Reaver, and that is surely saying something.

Valorant Give Back Bundle Release Date

The winners may be clear, but the Valorant Give Back Bundle isn't out yet. Expect it to drop with the new Episode 3 on June 22. Players will then have time to purchase the skins up until July 8 with 50% of the profits going for charity.

Valorant Give Back Bundle Price

Riot Games haven't revealed anything about the potential price of the bundle, so the best we got is speculation. Some fans are guessing around 4000 VP for the whole bundle, which seems like a good deal for the most part. Will you be getting the Valorant Give Back Bundle once it goes live? Are you happy with the skins that won? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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