Leak: Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass Zedd Skins Are Coming

Zedd twitch
What do you expect from Zedd weapon skins? | © Zedd

The rumors were true! Zedd has partnered with Riot Games for a new skin collection. As it turns out, we might get it along with a new Act.

Rumors that well-known pop music producer, Zedd, was preparing to collaborate with Riot Games surfaced just a few months before the current Battle Pass release. You might have watched his Twitch streams and heard about his ranking successes in Valorant. And by the way, he actually turns out to be pretty good at the game; Zedd managed to climb to Immortal, mostly playing between shows.

Collaborations between pop artists and game producers are nothing new anymore. You might have recently heard about Ariana Grande's concert in Fortnite, with whom Zedd recorded one of his more popular songs, "Break Free". While we don't know anything about Zedd doing a live show in Valorant, we're pretty sure he's been working on a new Episode 3 Act 2 Battle Pass skin collection.

Act 2 Battle Pass Leak: New Skins

If you look deeper into the game files of patch 3.04, you can see three major leaks about the new Act 2 Battle Pass skins. The first one is a text "EP3_ACT2_Weapon_Subheader: ZEDD + VALORANT". That doesn't say much, but the next note, "Make a masterpiece of your matches with skins created in direct collaboration with producer and songwriter ZEDD" clearly does. So, we have confirmation that we'll get a little more skins! But how many? We don't know that yet, although, as the leak from @floxay suggests, there may be several skin collections coming to the game.

Act 2 Battle Pass Leak: Zedd Melee Weapon

We don't have any information yet on which weapons the Zedd skins will be available for, but there is one image presenting a Melee Weapon that suggests a theme.

Zedd melee
Zedd Melee Skin | source: Twitter, @floxay

It may not look the best (it's hard for it to look any good when we got Butterfly Knife yesterday), but it's worth waiting for the animation and VFX, which just have to look stunning. After all, they had one of the biggest DJs in the music industry working on them.

Besides this image, we can find the text "Weapon_Header": "SPECTRUM" in the game files, which is actually the title of one of Zedd's songs. Could this mean multiple upgradeable skins with sounds related to the most popular Zedd singles? We're just speculating, but it sounds reasonable.

Zedd Skins Release Date

On September 7 at 05:00 PM CEST, we'll learn what the Zedd skins look like in-game. We don't yet know if they will be available in the new Valorant Act or if you can buy them with Valorant Points right away, but all indications are that Riot will wait until the very end to give us this information.

This isn't the first time Riot Games partnered with Zedd. You may remember Zedd's track called “Ignite”, which he prepared for LoL's 2016 Worlds, at which he also performed during the opening ceremony for the Grand Finals. And beyond that, we've also had stories where Riot sent him Valorant-related gifts, which you can read more about here.

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