Warzone – Where Are the Bounty Contracts?!

Warzone Contracts
Image Source: Activision

Some players reported crashes in Warzone in connection with bounty contracts. Infinity Ward reacted and removed the contracts for now.

Since the new Season 6 in Warzone has started, new problems are problems and bugs are popping up left and right. Not only are the two new weapons – AS VAL and SP-R208 – bugged and still not fixed, no, now the bounty contracts in Warzone seem to cause problems as well. Infinity Ward reacted and removed the contracts completely from the game for now.

They are already working on a solution and will bring the contracts back as soon as possible.

What Is the Problem?

Apparently, the bounty contracts can cause whole lobbies to crash. Normally the bounties work like this:

  • You collect the contract and another team/player is marked as bounty.
  • You hunt them down to get the bounty reward or try to survive if you are marked yourself.
  • Since each team can only be marked once per match, it is possible that each team has already been marked once in the late game. If you pick up a bounty contract now, the game rewards you directly with some items and money, without marking a team.

This last step however doesn't seem to work as planned after the Season 6 update. As Reddit user Ditdr writes, he was able to reproduce the crashes reliably by activating bounty contracts later in the game, starting with the third circle, after each team was already marked once.

He attributes the problem to the fact that an error occurs when spawning the loot, which also contains armor plates. Apparently, there is a new limit for how many armor plates can be in a single grid of the map at the same time, if the bounty contract now spawns additional armor plates this limit is exceeded and the game crashes.

Bounty Contracts Reddit
Reddit user Ditdr explains his theory. (Image Source: Ditdr via reddit)

Of course, this is not confirmed and just a speculation of a reddit user, but in our opinion, it sounds quite conclusive. In any case, right now we have no choice but to wait until Infinity Ward has found a solution and patches the contracts back into the game.

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