LoL Patch 10.15 - Spirit Blossom Event Start Date

Spirit Blossom Thresh HD
Image credit: Riot Games

League of Legends fans has plenty to be happy about at the moment. Lillia announced, Yone leaked, and new skins will join LoL in Patch 10.15. So, when does the Spirit Blossom event begin?

LoL Patch 10.14 is on the minds of plenty right now, but EarlyGame has its eyes on the prize with Patch 10.15, due to arrive very soon! If you need a full run-down of what to expect from Patch 10.15, we've got you covered. We'll continue giving updates, so be sure to check back with EarlyGame daily.

We've covered the new, exciting skins coming to League of Legends, the Spirit Blossom skins! Which even feature the next champion coming to Summoner's Rift after Lillia, Yone, who will either release alongside Lillia or shortly afterward. Thresh's Spirit Blossom skin suggests Yone could be arriving sooner than expected.

Spirit Blossom Event Start Date

Spirit Blossom Vayne
Image credit: Riot Games

So when does the Spirit Blossom event begin? The Spirit Blossom Event will begin July 22, which coincides with the release of patch 10.15. To be kept up-to-date on the next patches, be sure to have our article saved on the LoL patch schedule, so you never miss the date!

You can expect a wide range of missions, tokens, and exclusive event items during the Spirit Blossom Event. Using the tokens you collect will allow you to redeem specific event items. Assume there will be a Spirit Blossom event pass, a paid-for item that will give you access to quicker rewards and more missions, so you have to grind games less and get the rewards quicker!

Will Yone join is for patch 10.15? What do you think? Do you like the Spirit Blossom skins? Be sure to let us know!

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