WoW Shadowlands: Afterlives Maldraxxus is Coming September 3!

Afterlives maldraxxus
Afterlives Bastion has been incredible! What will we learn about Maldraxxus? (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Just in time for Gamescom 2020, Blizzard released a teaser for a series of animated short films. WoW Shadowlands Afterlives is its name and tells us stories from, well... the Shadowlands. The movie Bastion already hyped us beyond limits and we are more than excited about September 3. Which (anti)hero will we meet in Maldraxxus?

Blizzard Entertainment released the company's first original animated series, "Shadowlands Afterlives", which premiered on August 27. And this much we can say after the tease9r and "Afterlives Bastion": it will be as ingenious as all the company's cinematics and short films to date! But we don't want to spoil you too much in case you haven't seen Bastion and the story behind it yet. Missed Bastion? Then just have a look here - it's worth it!

Maldraxxus: The Realm of Eternal War

Actually, Maldraxxus has the task to protect the Shadowlands but a war of the ruling houses threatens to destroy the realm of eternal war. According to the Necrolords, only the one who was a great warrior in life and won countless battles is allowed to join their ranks. He who lived dishonorably, or was "weak", is not considered worthy.

No wonder, then, that we will see some familiar faces in Maldraxxus - after all, the three wars have claimed countless victims and many great warriors have fallen.

Saurfang and Garrosh?

Wo W Saurfang
Saurfang died honorably for the Horde when he was killed in the Mark'gar by Sylvanas. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Maldraxxus seems to be the perfect place for orcs. After all, who values strength, honor, and war more than they do? In the Afterlives teaser, you could hear one of their kind screaming and see him kneeling for a moment, tied to massive chains. Necrolords are known to punish honorless warriors, and who has betrayed and disappointed his own race more than Garrosh Hellscream!?

Former warchief of the Horde, traitor to his faction and struck down by us as a corrupted warrior. Will we find him in Maldraxxus and will he take a leading role?

And will we have the opportunity to talk to Saurfang again? After he lost the Mark´Gar against Sylvanas, somehow everything went too fast and he was gone. We would be happy to meet both orcs again - one more than the other though.

We are more than excited and looking forward to September 3. Then we will finally know more. Do you want to be there in time for the premiere and learn more about the history of Maldraxxus? Then tune in here and enjoy the minutes of breathtaking Warcraft lore!

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