WoW Shadowlands: The Release is on October 27!

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Two months and then it's already there - can Blizzard do it? (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Mark your calendars for October 27! Last night Blizzard unveiled the release date of WoW Shadowlands during the Gamescom Opening Night broadcast. Find out here, what is to do until then and what else is known!

Just because of WoW Shadowlands and the release of Afterlives Bastion and the announcement of October 27 as release date, you can count the Gamescom Opening Night as a great success. What this date means for you, we will explain here.

Two Months: Time for the Final Spurt

If we take previous release timelines as indication, the pre-patch for Shadowlands should be available by the end of September. So we'll be playing with the soon-to-be-old corruption system just for one month. It is time to slowly prepare all characters for the release. As much as we hate to say it - this includes farming some equipment.

With the pre-patch, there will also be a level and item squish, which will reduce your character level to 50 and do crazy things with the item levels. According to beta reports, you will have a relatively difficult start in Shadowlands, in case you´re wearing some sort of starter gear. Best ist to aim for a gear score of at least 450 at this point - it's no fun to struggle with the first two levels in Shadowlands already. The good news is: neck and back will most likely be worn until the new final level 60.

Here is the trailer for the release date to get you in the Shadowlands mood already:

Is October 27 Too Early?

I know you don't want to hear this - we're a bit ashamed of the thought - but isn't the release on October 27 almost too early? There are still several construction sites in the game and Blizzard has just under two months to finish developing the game.

The system of Covenants is controversially discussed and still a lot of work is done on Thorgast and the pacts themselves. After all, both are core elements of the end game content that has to be perfect - balance is the keyword here.

We are not alone - Even the biggest WoW streamer Asmongold has expressed slight concerns via Twitter:

The last thing we want is an unfinished WoW expansion. Nevertheless, we can't stop grinning and are more than a little bit looking forward to October 27.

Bought energy drinks? Vacations submitted? Characters prepared? Then let´s go!

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