Yone Is The Next LoL Champion

Yone LoL
Could this be the 150th champion in LoL? (Image credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends has some lore, plenty of it, but if you didn't know, popular lol champion Yasuo had a brother Yone, who was killed by Yasuo. Recent leaks, however, suggest this master samurai might be back from the dead, coming for Yasuo for revenge.

It seems like League of Legends content is plenty at the moment, with the recently revealed Lillia, joining us in the Jungle in what looks to be in LoL Patch 10.15, as we expect her to be released when the Spirit Blossom skins go live. Lillia has her own Spirit Blossom skin, so it makes sense for her to arrive then.

Strangely, however, was a rather unexpected LoL skin unlike any other we've seen before. Leaked during the Spirit Blossom and Lillia announcements, the Spirit Blossom skin appeared for Yone, a yet to be confirmed champion by Riot Games, to the surprise of many.

Players were quick to learn that this champion does not look like Yasuo at all, as Yasuo has his own Spirit Blossom skin. Could Riot Games be releasing two champions at once? It seems highly likely. Text description from Spirit Blossom Thresh VO lines, indicate that Yone does exist, showing a "First Encounter" description, which was further confirmed by SkinSpotlights on Twitter.

If we can take away anything from the Spirit Blossom Yone skin, it's that Yone could have similar mechanics to Yasuo, though, of course, Riot Games would want to diversify a little bit from the popular picked Yasuo. Whatever happens in the coming weeks, EarlyGame will have you covered! What do you think of Yone? Let us know!

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