Apex Legends New Event: Awakening Collection | Release Date, Cosmetics & Lifeline's Clinic

A new event is coming to Apex Legends: the Awakening Collection. Here's everything you need to know about the event, including the release date, the cosmetics, and the new POI: Lifeline's Clinic.

Awakening Collection Event
The time is now...for rubbish skins. | © EA

The Awakening Collection event is about to begin in Apex Legends. As with all events in Apex, this is basically a skins-sale disguised as content. Okay, that was a bit harsh, we are getting some new content: a fan-favorite LTM is returning for a couple of weeks, and a new location has been built on Olympus. Here's everything you need to know about the Awakening Collection event.

Awakening Collection Event: Release Date

The Awakening Collection event will begin after the weekly update on Tuesday, June 21, at 10:00 PT (13:00 ET / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST). The update will be fairly large, but not monstrous. If you want to make sure you can play the second the servers go live, then fear not: a pre-download will be available from sometime on Monday, June 20.

Awakening Collection Event: Cosmetics

The biggest part of any Apex event is, of course, the cosmetics. The Awakening Collection event is no different, and in this event we're getting five new skins and one new Heirloom.

Skins For: Ash, Fuse, Rampart, Horizon & Loba

The Awakening Collection Event will bring new skins for Ash, Fuse, Rampart, Horizon & Loba. And they look horrible. Seriously, as a Loba main, I'm almost insulted. For your reference, dear reader, this is how good Loba skins can be:

Amazing, right? Self-reflection might be the single best skin in the game, in fact. It looks so damn clean and premium. But instead of that majesty, we're getting these abominations during the Awakening Collection event:

Okay, I guess the Ash one is cool. But only the Ash one (and it's not exactly hard to make Ash look like a badass).

Valkyrie's Heirloom: Suzaku

A new Heirloom, the most treasured type of cosmetic in Apex, is being added with the Awakening Collections event: Valkyrie's Suzaku. Yes, Valkyrie wasn't next in line to get her Heirloom (she's jumped quite a few places in the queue, actually) but she's so damn popular that the devs have broken tradition to make sure Valkyrie mains get all the best stuff. We actually already wrote about this in detail, so head over to this article for a complete rundown of the Suzaku.

You can see the Suzaku beneath:

I like it, but I don't think it would make it into the top 5 coolest Heirlooms list.

Awakening Collection Event: Map Changes

As part of the event, Olympus is getting a new POI in honor of Lifeline, and it's a hospital. This new hospital will have certain features in it that pay respect to the OG healer. So there's a room you can go into with loads of D.O.C. drones who will heal any Legends within, and there's a special machine that lets you bring down Care Packages. Plus, as it's a hospital, there are loads of shields, and syringes, and health kits available to be looted.

We've already written about the new Lifeline hospital in detail, so you can just head over to this guide on the new POI for more.

Awakening Collection Event: New Mode

A limited-time mode will be available during the event: Control. In this mode, teams of 9 fight against each other for control over zones on the map. Look it's basically domination; you respawn, you have weapon loadouts, and you need to hold down A, B, and C for longer than the enemy. If you've played any shooter ever then you're familiar with how this game mode works. And if you're not familiar: go and kill enemies in Zone B. Then stand in Zone B.

Control isn't massively complicated, but there are some significant changes when compared with other modes in Apex Legends. Here's a full guide to Control, for those uncertain about the rules.

What do you think about the Awakening Collection event? Disappointed about the ugly skins? Or are you a hyped Valkyrie main? Let's just hope it lives up to expectations more than Newcastle did...oh that pick-rate...