The New Apex Legends Arena Maps Have Leaked!

This has been a fantastic day for the Apex Legends community: a Google Drive containing screenshots and footage of unreleased maps, Legends, weapons, and cosmetics appeared on the ApexUncovered Subreddit yesterday morning. And here are those maps!

An early look at the new maps. | © EA

The Arena is an Apex Legends game mode introduced with the Legacy update. It condenses the chaos of Battle Royale games into more focused 3-on-3 battles. You face off against the enemy without any other squads disrupting the party. This allows you to focus on winning the fight in a more competitive environment. The traditional arena's mode is an elimination game that goes over several rounds. And thanks to this leak, we can now show you the new maps coming to the Arena soon!

New Maps, More Fun

Several new Arena maps have been leaked, along with map changes for Storm Point and King's Canyon. Let's have a look at some screenshots from the video that shows the new maps. At this point they haven't been fully textured and are clearly still in the design phase, but it's good to get a sense of the new locations.

New Arena Map 1

This map should be the most finished of them all ©ApexUncovered

This map looks to the most finished of them all, nicely placed on the top of a skyscraper. Yes we know this is just a loading screen wallpaper, but it looks amazing!

New Arena Map 2

Apex Arenas Screenshot
Looks like an island | © ApexUncovered

Don't worry, the full thing is going to be textured. This first one looks like a great Nordic island style map.

New Arena Map 3

Apex arena 5
Somewhere above the mountains | © ApexUncovered

Is that Storm Point I can see in the distance? Please, god, no...

New Arena Map 4

Apex arena 2
In the clip, you can read the Name centrifuge. | © ApexUncovered

This launch site looks interesting, although I don't like how easily I might fall off the map and embarrass myself.

New Arena Map 5

Apex arenas 3
Big City Life | © ApexUncovered

A shopping center? Could be more exciting than it sounds.

We can only hope that the next season will bring some more unique maps for arenas. Respawn’s goal is to give the mode its own identity and its own custom-built maps, rather than making it feel like a derivative of the battle royale mode with POI-based maps. It seems as though there’s a good chance Apex will see more original Arenas maps in the future. But who knows, it's just a leak at the moment, and it’s all up to Respawn to choose to go ahead and release now-leaked content.