The Best Apex Legends Cosplays

Apex legends horizon
Horizon is made for cosplay! (Credit: Electronic Arts)

In the last part of our cosplay series, we showed off the best Fortnite cosplays. This time, we continue with our favorite Apex Legends Cosplays! There are some really cool looking costumes out there, and we're here to give you a sneak-peek...

Cosplay is really an art in itself, and it's the perfect expression of fan love! What greater compliment is there to a character, than wanting to dress up as that character? We're here to present you with a few of our favorite Apex Legends cosplays!

1. Horizon (Sosenka)

Horizon is a perfect character for cosplay. Sosenka shows us her looks, and can be justifiably proud of the result!

2. Crypto (Greysanchn)

Crypto is just too cool to be true. This Apex Legends cosplay captures it perfectly. Just look at the details, insane!

3. Revenant (Stefiedrew)

Holy cow, how intense is this? Is there even a human underneath this cosplay? It looks so real. Just. So. Real.

4. Loba (Sydeon)

Sydeon is not only a streamer, but also a cosplayer! With her Loba cosplay, she shows her love for Apex Legends, and we love her for it, too!

5. Wraith (Cybernetic Trainer)

I don't know about you, but this cosplay really made me want to play Wraith. It looks really awesome!

6. Caustic (Galagtic Reptile)

What do you see there, Caustic? Your next target for sure, isn't it? Anyway, we just saw your cool-a$$ cosplay, kudos to that!

7. Lifeline (Kaybear)

Super cute, and perfectly shot. This lifeline cosplay makes our heart beat faster!

8. Wraith (Tasha)

We can't help but add another Wraith cosplay to this list, mainly because this is the badass version that we all needed in our lives. Pure goosebumps!

9. Mirage (Snipedown)

Finally, a fun cosplay: This Mirage cosplay is one to really full in love with, isn't it?