6 Reasons Why Apex Legends Is Better Than Warzone

Warzone has been fun, but with all the stability issues and lack of an FOV, why not accept that you've been mistreated by Activision, and it's finally time to give Apex a go?

Apex vs. Warzone
Forgive me Cpt. Price. | © EA / Activision Blizzard

Wait. Before you get angry, allow me to explain. I love Warzone, I always have. And I maintain it's one of the best Battle Royales out there. But... let's be honest with each other... things have been going downhill recently. With cheaters, stability issues, and far too much content crammed into one game (we're almost at 200 weapons in Warzone), maybe it's time for us to look for alternatives. At least until the release of Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and the new engine.

Of all the Battle Royales for Warzone players to migrate to, I think Apex Legends is the one average CoD players will enjoy most, and here are 6 reasons why.

Why Should You Switch To Apex Legends?

It's A Lot More Stable And Less Buggy

This one is obvious. It not's exactly a high bar for Apex to reach, either. But we have to give it to Respawn, Apex Legends just works; there are no huge lag spikes, no completely bugged areas of the map, or randomly invisible enemies. It might not sound like much, but for a grind-heavy game like Apex, stability is an absolute god-send.

You Don't Get One-Banged By Snipers

I'm not saying I don't miss sniping in Apex, I do, quite a lot, actually. But it's very refreshing to not get instantly killed by some coward hiding in a bush. You always get a chance to fight back, unlike in Warzone.

They do have one Sniper in Apex that can one-hit-down you, but it's a special weapon that comes into the map via care packages, so you almost never come across it.

They Have A Full Ranked Mode

People have been asking for a Ranked mode in Warzone for as long as I can remember, but it looks like that's never going to happen. Whereas, Apex has a fleshed out and well-designed ranked mode for Battle Royale. You effectively spend ELO points to enter a game (and you have to spend more the higher rank you are), then you earn the ELO back for making kills and getting a high placement. It's a good system, and it gives you a sense of meaningful progression.

If you're looking to start the ranked mode and really invest in the competitive side of Apex, then use this guide to the best beginner Legends for a start.

There Are Fewer Campers

Notice how I said fewer and not none. There are, as with all shooters, going to be more "passive" players. But unlike in Warzone, you can't use the element of surprise to jump someone and make a kill or three. The few milliseconds campers earn as a surprise advantage over the enemy is worth next-to-nothing in a game with such a high TTK. Plus, there are lots of very powerful intel abilities in Apex, so you would probably get sussed out anyway.

It's A Lot Easier To Get Into As A New Player

There's no such thing as a loadout in Apex Legends. You find a random weapon, and then you find attachments. So if you come in as a new player, you might find the best weapon, just as easily as a veteran might. It's not like Warzone, which requires players to unlock and grind weapons, so they can chase the week's meta.

Winning Is Easier!

The Battle Royale mode in Apex uses very large maps but only 60 player lobbies, so it feels in between a Rebirth and BR game. We're being a bit cheeky here, but that does mean you're about three times more likely to win. And what better motivation to keep playing your new favorite Battle Royale than with the hot dubs?