The Best Warzone Armaguerra 43 Loadout | Strong All-Round SMG

A very competitive SMG was introduced in the middle of Warzone Pacific Season 2, the Armaguerra 43. Here's the best attachment setup for the Armaguerra, and a full loadout guide.
Armaguerra 43 Loadout
This is going to be very popular. | © Activision Blizzard

The Armaguerra 43 is the new SMG, introduced with Season 2: Reloaded. It's got fairly good recoil, decent mobility stats, and a competitive TTK, but above all it stands out as a strong mid-range option. This weapon has access to a couple of range increasing attachments and very large magazines, and so it will probably end up sitting alongside the Owen Gun in the meta. The Armaguerra is one of those SMGs that works in almost every situation. So take advantage of it by using it in that capacity. Here's the best attachment setup for the Armaguerra 43, and a full loadout guide.

How Do You Unlock The Armaguerra 43?

You can unlock the Armaguerra 43 in Warzone or Vanguard Multiplayer by killing 10 enemies with hip-fire in 15 different matches. You can also unlock this weapon in Vanguard Zombies by killing 400 enemies with an SMG who have been frozen by your Frost Blast. Vanguard Multiplayer is your quickest option, but if you don't own Vanguard, then do it on Caldera Clash. On Vanguard Multiplayer this will take about two hours to complete, but in Caldera Clash you should expect it to take at least five hours.

What's The Best Armaguerra 43 Setup?

Armaguerra 43 class
Super underrated SMG. | © Activision
MuzzleRecoil Booster
BarrelBotti 570mm Precisione
OpticSlate Reflector
StockImerito SA Folding
UnderbarrelM1930 Strife Angled
Magazine9mm 60 Round Mags
Ammo TypeSubsonic
Rear GripFabric Grip
Perk 2


The Armaguerra doesn't have the fastest time to kill in the SMG category, but it makes up for it, by being a lot more flexible than the other weapons in its class. It still has a very competitive TTK and can hold its own in close quarter gun fights, but it offers great mid-range capabilities for an SMG, which also makes it a great sniper support weapon. These attachments give really manageable recoil, good mobility and handling, while being competitive anywhere from 0 to about 25 meters. It's definitely still a great SMG and if you're bored with the H4 Blixen, then give the Armaguerra a try, it might surprise you.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For An Armaguerra 43 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For An Armaguerra 43

UGM 8 class
This gun is going to take over the long range meta. | © Activision

The new LMG that was added in season 4 is super op, but not a lot of people have unlocked it yet, so take advantage while you can. This gun in insane for long range fights, it deals a ton of damage and has absolutely no recoil whatsoever. You can beam people up to 300 meters, no problem. It pairs well, because the Armaguerra is really effective at close range and in mid-range fights, where it isn't worth it to use your LMG (that weird 20-30 meter range). Definitely give this weapon a try.

For the full UGM-8 guide, head here: The Best Warzone UGM-8 Loadout | The New MG 82

The Best Equipment For An Armaguerra 43




You can use whatever for your lethal equipment, we just opted for the Semtex, so we can clear out rooms a bit better as the Armaguerra looses to guns like the Blixen and Type 100. As for the tactical slot, snapshots are also a great option, as we are using an LMG, but we chose the stim shot, for more offensive and defensive flexibility.

The Best Perks For An Armaguerra 43

Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3

Combat Scout

If we're using an LMG, then Combat Scout is great because it allows us to automatically ping and track enemies who we shoot, and makes wall banging much easier. E.O.D. is just a great passive defense buff that comes in handy in most games, and Overkill is obviously required in a loadout where we run 2 primary weapons.

What do you think of the Armaguerra? Up there with the best SMGs in Warzone?