The Best SMGs In Warzone 2 | Complete Ranking

SMGs give you a huge advantage in close-range, and so especially in Warzone 2, where we can carry three weapons, you should always have one. Here is the current ranking of every SMG in Warzone 2.

Best SMGs Warzone 2
Call of Duty: This is the current ranking of the best SMGs in Warzone 2. | © EarlyGame

Warzone 2 has a particularly short average TTK in close-range, and a lot of the SMGs just delete people. But it's still worth knowing which SMGs are worth levelling and which ones you may as well avoid. So we've ranked every SMG in Warzone 2 for you. And if you're looking for a long-range option to go alongside the SMG, here is our tier-ranking of every weapon in the game.

The meta is still in flux right now, and we don't have the player stats API for Warzone 2 yet, so we can't judge these weapons based on k/d ratios or win rates, but we're fairly confident in our list. Let us know in the comments if you think we're sleeping on a good SMG, just put the weapon name, the attachment build, and the tuning details, and we'll test it out.

Note: This is a ranking of all the SMGs based on their ability in Warzone 2. If you're looking for how these weapons perform in a 6b6 multiplayer environment, then you want this ranking of SMGs in MW2.

Complete Ranking Of Every SMG In Warzone 2

9. MX9 (AUG Para)

The MX9 has 25 round by default and 32 with a higher-capacity mag. That's just not enough firepower for anything other than solos. And it's not even like each of those 32-round is hitting for fat damage, it just feels wimpy and lame.

MX9 Warzone 2 smgsd
32 rounds max isn't worth it for the MX9. | © Activision

The MX9 is wimpy and only has 32 rounds max, just don't bother with it.

8. PDSW 528 (P90)

The P90 luckily has 50-round by default, so it has that going for it, as well as great bullet velocity. But, the P90 has a very poor TTK for Warzone, and it struggles to compete with most of the other SMGs for this reason.

PDSW 528
The damage is punishingly low for Warzone. | © Activision

Maybe I'm sleeping on the P90, but it just feels like such a pea-shooter.

7. BAS-P (MPX)

Jack of all trades, master of none. The BAS-P is fine, and hence its 7th place and not last, but it doesn't excel in any one department. It's viable, but you might as well spend your grinding time levelling something from higher on the list.

Not amazing, but certainly viable. | © Activision

Here's the best loadout for the BAS-P in Warzone 2.

6. FSS Hurricane

The Hurricane has a poor TTK, and it could arguably be lower on the list for that reason, but in every other department it shines. It has low-recoil, and decent range, so it's probably the best mid-range SMG. In close-range the Hurricane will get smoked by most other SMGs, though.

FSS Hurricane
50-rounds by default is a noticeable benefit. | © Activision

This is a great SMG for mid-range, but the TTK is lacking.

5. VEL 46 (MP7)

The VEL, or MP7, is like a slightly worse version of the MW2019 MP7. Although it's still a good weapon for the same reasons; it has very low recoil, a great rate of fire, and very fast handling. It's just about knocking on the door of S-Tier, but the damage would need to be higher for that.

VEL 46
Very comfortable to use. | © Activision

It's not quite as strong as MW2019's MP7, but it's more than viable.

4. Minibak (PP19 Bizon)

The Minibak, like its brother the Vaznev, has great strafe speeds and is thus a serious threat in the hands of more mobile players. And thanks to a 64-round mag be default, you're especially well-equipped for Trios and Quads.

A very nice SMG for Warzone. | © Activision

The Minibak might be just about what we can consider "meta" in Warzone 2. Here's the best loadout for the Minibak.

3. Vaznev-9K

The Vaznev-9K has a smaller mag capacity than the Minibak, but it behaves in a very similar way. We find it to be just slightly better because of the more impressive TTK potential.

Vaznev 9k
Difficult to use, but strong. | © Activision

The Vaznev-9K absolutely slaps in MW2, but it's better suited to players who are naturally more mobile.

2. Lachmann Sub (MP5)

The MP5 was always going to be dope. This weapon handles great, it has good mobility, the recoil is low, and the damage is on the higher end for SMGs. The only reason it isn't the absolute number 1 is because it has a slightly longer TTK.

lachmann Sub
Probably more appealing to most players than the less forgiving Fennec. | © Activision

The Lachmann will likely be the most popular SMG in Warzone 2 because it's easy to use, can have a 50-round mag, and is well-balanced across different stats. But it's not technically the best...

1. Fennec 45 (Vector)

The Fennec just deletes people. In close-range you can kill people so insanely quick that the gunfights feel unfair. It doesn't have the best handling, and the ammo runs out very quickly, but this is probably the best weapon in the game right now for close-range 1 on 1s.

Fennec 45
The TTK is insane. | © Activision

The Fennec 45 is a weapon you simply to have to level, although a nerf will surely come soon.

Which SMG Has The Best TTK In Warzone 2?

The Fennec 45 has the best TTK potential in Warzone 2. A lot of players still might not love this weapon because of the handling speeds and low mag-capacity, but the facts don't lie. Within their max-damage ranges, the Fennec beats every other SMG. In-game it really does feel as fast as multiplayer with a Fennec.

And there you have it, the best SMGs in the Warzone right now. We do expect IW to put out some harsh nerfing patches soon, so you should make sure to keep up-to-date with the updates.

You can play DMZ to level weapons up superfast:

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