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You want to play fast and aggressive? Here is our ranking of every SMG in Modern Warfare 2.

What is the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2? | © Activision

SMGs and assault rifles are the most popular weapons in almost every shooter, and definitely in Call of Duty. Especially in fast multiplayer matches on the rather small maps, SMGs have dominated Call of Duty over the past few years. In Modern Warfare 2, however, the pacing has changed significantly. The entire movement is a bit slower and more careful, tactical play is rewarded. This makes submachine guns not quite as overpowered as they once were, but they are still damn strong.

We've now fully levelled and extensively tested every SMGs in Modern Warfare 2. Here is our current ranking of the best submachine guns in MW2 for you.

Best SMGs In Modern Warfare 2

9. BAS-P (MPX)

The BAS-P isn't a bad weapon. There's no single area where it really falls down; the handling is fine, the range and damage are fine, and the recoil is fine. But that's just it, everything is "fine", nothing about the BAS-P is great. So we have to give it last place in the competitive SMG category.

It's fun, but doesn't really excel at anything in particular. | © Activision

The BAS-P is certainly a cool gun, and it's fun to use, but it doesn't have a specific role or purpose in the meta.

8. PDSW 528 (P90)

As with so many appearances of the P90 in Call of Duty games, they counterbalance it's huge magazine by making it a pea-shooter. The TTK isn't the best, but the rate of fire and bullet velocity is great, as well as the mobility. So yes, it can't compete with the really good SMGs, but shouldn't be last on the list either.

PDSW 528
I know a certain someone who will be upset with me putting this last, but I just can't see the P90 going much higher. | © Activision

Please don't be put off if you like the P90. All of the SMGs in MW2 are viable, even if they require you to adjust your playstyle.

7. MX9 (AUG Para)

The MX9 is the AUGs baby SMG variant, and it's certainly very enjoyable to use. The recoil is manageable, the handling is strong, and the range isn't terrible. But we can't place it much higher than this because it simply get's outgunned by the other options.

As with the AUG AR, it's comfortable to use, but not particularly strong. | © Activision

Perhaps this will get a damage buff, in which case it would definitely need to go higher.

6. Minibak (PP19 Bizon)

The Bizon is back, and the massive default mag is as much of a bonus as ever. Much like the P90, however, the devs have chosen to balance this by giving it worse damage than its direct rival from the AK platform, the Vaznev-9K.

The Minibak has excellent aim walking speed, but it's otherwise fairly mid. | © Activision

The Minibak has great strafe speeds, and so we can see this weapon being popular regardless of TTK.

5. FSS Hurricane

The FSS Hurricane is the SMG version of the M4. Unlike its assault rifle counterpart, it has the magazine on top of the barrel, like the P90. It is very mobile, easy to control and accurate. Thanks to its pretty good range, it is the perfect flex weapon for everyone who likes to be fast and mobile without lacking range or having to rely on an Overkill loadout.

FSS Hurrican
It's not got the best TTK, but it can be made into a decent flex weapon. | © Activision

It's probably the best SMG for mid-range, but in close-range it will get beaten by the truly meta SMGs.

4. Fennec 45 (Vector)

The Fennec 45 is, of course, the Vector, and if played right a very strong option. It's characterized by an extremely high rate of fire, which is awesome in close combat, but since it runs out of ammo so quickly, it's very unforgiving. This weapon is fantastic in Warzone 2 and can be in multiplayer as well, if you pick your engagements right.

Fennec 45
The Vector is unforgiving, but it does have no skulls by default which is nice. | © Activision

If you want to level the Fennec, then we advise playing Hardpoint, and playing on the point.

3. VEL 46 (MP7)

The MP7 is a wonderful weapon, thanks to low recoil and a great firing rate. But it takes a few more rounds to kill than the two other SMGs listed below, and you feel it being outgunned by them, so we have to put this in a respectable third place for now.

Vel 46
The MP7 might play a greater role in Warzone. | © Activision

Sadly, it's not quite up to the standards set by the MW2019 MP7.

2. Lachmann Sub (MP5)

The Lachmann Sub is the SMG version of the Lachmann-556, and is obviously the well-known MP5. As usual for CoD, it is once again one of the most powerful submachine guns in Modern Warfare 2. It is extremely mobile, even with a huge 50-round magazine, and the damage is good. It's easier to use than the very best SMG as well, so depending on your skill level this might be the SMG to pick.

Lachmann Sub
Of course, they were going to make MP5 slap. | © Activision

1. Vaznev-9K

And here we have it, the clear favorite, the Vaznev-9K. The moment the AK74u was GA'd in the pro-scene, we saw everybody switching to this weapon, and it looks like this will be the go-to SMG as we head into the 2023 season of the CDL.

Vaznev 98
This is the pro's SMG of choice so far in MW2. | © Activision

What makes the Vaznev so good? Well it isn't the easiest weapon to use, but if you have enough skill to take advantage of its best-in-class mobility then you can confidently take any close-range fight with this puppy. Simply outstanding.

That was all the submachine guns currently available in Modern Warfare 2. As soon as we get more weapons, we will of course update our SMG ranking accordingly. Until then, enjoy the new season and read up on everything we know so far about CoD 2023:

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