Modern Warfare 2 Best Guns | Tier-Ranking Every Gun

Modern Warfare 2 is packed full of great weapons, they look beautiful, and the animations are slick. But let's get to what you really care about: what are the best guns in MW2?

What are the best guns in Modern Warfare 2? | © EarlyGame

Modern Warfare 2 is a shooter, and so obviously one of the most important factor in your success will be the weapon you use. This isn't like Modern Warfare 2019 where you could basically just use the M4 and beat everything else in most situations. No, you actually have a pretty solid selection of top-level guns to choose from now... and also still some trash of course. But which are the best guns in Modern Warfare 2? And which weapons should you avoid all together? Find out below.

Note: So far we're only going to review the weapons that have been shared publically via the beta.

S-Tier Guns In MW2

M4 / Assault Rifle

It's your classic M4. Call of Duty always include one assault rifle that's unlocked from the start that's going to be solidly meta and easy to use. In this game it's the M4, although it's nowhere near as dominant as MW2019s M4.

This is one of the best M4 setups we've found.

Lachman Sub (MP5) / SMG

The MP5 seems to be the best SMG available at the moment with a fantastic TTK up-close and great mobility, even with the 50-round drum mag equipped.

You can find our favorite MP5 loadout here.

FSS Hurricane (an M4 with P90-style mags) / SMG

This is almost a flex-weapon; a hybrid AR/SMG. It has the stability and balance of an M4 but with the added mobility of an SMG, 50-rounds in the default magazine, and a really competitive TTK at close and mid-range.

We have a complete loadout for the Hurricane here.

TAQ-56 (SCAR-L) / Assault Rifle

We've only seen one blueprint for the SCAR-L so far, but all the attachments produce an AR with a fantastic sprint-out time (for MW2) and fairly low-recoil. The TTK is ever so slightly longer than the M4, but the other attributes make up for it. This is certainly an S-Tier weapon.

Signal 50 (GM6 Lynx) / Sniper

The Signal 50 is the only sniper currently available, and it slaps. The aim-assist on this thing is strong, and it's mobility and handling aren't terrible for a sniper either. You'll also be pleased to hear that in multiplayer at least it seems to be able to one-shot people almost anywhere on the body.

A-Tier Guns In MW2

Fennec 45 (Vector) / SMG

The new Vector is really strong in close-range, thanks to a crazy high rate-of-fire. But it's more punishing than the other close-range weapons we've seen so far because you burn through the magazine very quickly and the damage dropoff over range is significant. So this one is better used as a secondary to an AR/BR/DMR.


It's an LMG, so it's always going to struggle to find its place in a Call of Duty multiplayer environment. And this is indeed quite a heavy and slow LMG, but it has great recoil control, decent damage, and a fantastic rate-of-fire, so it's certainly the best LMG.

Lachman-556 (HK33) / Assault Rifle

This is a solid AR, with a decent combination of recoil control and damage. The problem is it that it isn't quite good enough in any one department to truly compete with the S-Tier weapons.

Lachmann-762 (G3) / Battle Rifle

The Lachmann-762 Battle Rifle can basically be made into a heavy, high-damage AR. It won't be to everyone's taste, but it's so strong for holding pre-aims with that we can't reasonably rank it any lower than A-Tier.

FTAC Recon (the M4 in a higher caliber) / Battle Rifle

This starts out as a terrible base weapon, but as you begin to add attachments it becomes one of the strongest options for mid-to-long range firefights. Especially when you get big enough mags and good enough recoil control to use it on full-auto.

You can find a great FTAC Recon loadout here.

Farm 18 General Action 2
The guns in MWII just feel awesome. | © Activision

B-Tier Guns In MW2

Kastov 74-U (AK-74) / AR

This is classed as an AR, but it's effectively an SMG for all intends and purposes. It's not as nice as the BOCW 74u, because of the intense visual recoil and kick, but the TTK definitely still puts this weapon in the B-Tier.

Expedite 12 (Benelli M4) / Shotgun

It will one-shot people within five meters pretty reliably, which is exactly what you want from a shotgun, but follow-up shots aren't quick and the damage at anything past five meters is pitiful.

556 Icarus (the M4 with a belt-fed receiver) / LMG

Think of this as the more-mobile/lower-TTK LMG. It's viable, but there are just so many better options, and if you want to use an LMG in particular then use the RAPP H.

C-Tier Guns In MW2

M16 / Assault Rilfe

Sadly, this isn't the OG Modern Warfare M16; you won't kill people with a single-burst and that makes this weapon noticeably struggle against other ARs. And while it can do a better job at long-range on single-fire, at that point you might as well just use the more powerful FTAC Recon.

SAKIN MG38 (M249) / LMG

Whereas the Icarus is the "fast" LMG, this is at the other end of the spectrum. It's very heavy, and very slow. So while it does have good damage, you probably won't even have shouldered the weapon before you get outgunned.

D-Tier Guns In MW2

Lockwood MK2 (Marlin 30-30, just like the old MK2) / Marksman Rifle

The MK2 has good damage, but you have to rechamber a round after each shot. If you don't always hit the target, you're as good as dead. Simply not a good weapon for the rather small maps.

That was our current ranking of the weapons we've seen in Modern Warfare 2 so far, what do you think, are we faded? Are we sleeping on a meta-weapon? Let us know in the comments.

And if you're interested in seeing all the big changes to look forward to in MW2, check out this vid: