The Best MW2 RAPP H Loadout | Incredibly Low TTK LMG

The RAPP H has a fantastic rate-of-fire, which gives it an extremely competitive TTK. We recommend it to players who are naturally more patient and slow. Here's the best attachments and loadout for the RAPP H.

This is a great LMG, but it's heavy and slow. | © EarlyGame

As we described in our review of MW2, this is a Call of Duty that rewards slower play. Holding pre-aims and waiting for aggressors will guarantee results. And for that reason, we think patient players will do particularly well this year. And if you're a patient player yourself, then you should consider using one of the LMGs.

Of all the LMGs we've seen in MW2 so far, we think the RAPP H is one of the best. Despite being a very slow weapon, even for an LMG, the RAPP H has an astonishing rate-of-fire and solid damage at range, giving it one of the most competitive TTKs in the game. If that sounds like a weapon for you, then check out our loadout guide below. We provide a list of all the best attachments, including how to unlock them, and our suggestions for perks, and grenades.

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RAPP H Attachment Setup

The Polarfire does an enormous amount to help with recoil control. | © Activision / EarlyGame
Attachment Slot

Attachment Name

Unlock Level
MuzzlePolarfire SuppressorLachmann 762 Level 5
BarrelRomeo FT 16" BarrelLachmann 762 Level 13 → Lachman .556 Level 16 → RAPP H Level 15

SZ Lonewolf Optic

M4 Level 18 → Icarus Level 13 → M16 Level 11
Rear Grip

Lachmann TCG-10

Lachmann 762 Level 10
UnderbarrelB052 GripLachmann 762 Level 13 → Lachman .556 Level 16 → RAPP H Level 17

We can't make the RAPP H a fast handling weapon no matter what attachments we use, so instead we'll lean into it as a slow but powerful weapon and adjust our playstyle accordingly. Hence, the attachments above have been chosen to give us increased range and recoil control. In terms of optics, you could go for a red-dot, or even a longer-range sight, but we found the Lonewolf (MW2's holographic) to be the best middle-ground.

RAPP H Icarus Loadout: Best Secondary Weapon, Perks & Equipment

Secondary Weapon: Lachmann Sub (MP5)

Lachmann SUB
Think of this as your aggressive option. | © Activision / EarlyGame

Mounting up at a head-glitch is all well and good if you're on the defensive, but if you want to actually win games then sometimes you need to get into the action and play the objective. For that reason, we've taken Overkill and an MP5 (called the Lachmann Sub in this game). The MP5 seems to the best SMG for all-around close-range effectiveness. The attachments we've chosen will give us a little more range and firepower, but without sacrificing much mobility.

You can find a complete guide to the Lachmann Sub here.

Perks (Base, Bonus & Ultimate)

Here's our favorite perk choice for a weapon like this:

Base Perks

Battle Hardened, Overkill

Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate Perk


As we mentioned above, Overkill is key so that we can take an SMG alongside this heavy LMG. Besides that we've taken Battle Hardened as a general-use perk that will help against the constant stun-spam. For a Bonus Perk we've taken Fast Hands to reduce the slow reload times, and in the Ultimate slot we've taken Birdseye as the best choice when you're not using Ghost. We won't be taking Ghost because with a RAPP H you won't be sneaking around the map taking long routes, you'll probably be posted up somewhere and waiting for the enemy to come to you.

You can find a complete list of every perk in MW2 here, in case you want to see what else is on offer.

Equipment (Lethals, Tacticals & Field Upgrade)

Here are our favorite grenades and one of the best Field Upgrades:

Field UpgradesPortable UAV

Boring choices? Perhaps, but the Portable UAV is just useful to everyone, and in every mode, so it makes the most sense. While Semtex and Stuns are going to be easy to use effectively every time you respawn.

We hope you'll enjoy the RAPP H. But if you want to see which other weapons are available in Modern Warfare 2, we have a complete list of weapons here.

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