The Best LMG In Modern Warfare 2 | All LMGs Ranked

Here you can find the best LMGs in Modern Warfare 2. We have ranked all the currently available LMGs based on our playtime with them during the beta.

So what are the best LMGs in MW2? | © Activision

Assault rifles and SMGs are always the most popular weapons in Call of Duty, but LMGs are still viable. Especially so with the slower pace of Modern Warfare 2, which rewards cautious gameplay. Of course, the fat LMGs still remain quite clunky and slow, but the firepower makes up for it if you adjust your playstyle accordingly.

We took a look at all the currently available LMGs in Modern Warfare 2 and tested them with various attachment setups in the new Gunsmith. Here is our ranking for the best LMGs in Modern Warfare 2.

The Best LMGs In Modern Warfare 2

3. Sakin MG38

The Sakin MG38 is the highest damage LMG, but it's also very sluggish and difficult to control. Overall, the Sakin just comes with too many downsides, especially when compared to the two below.

Sakin MG38
The Sakin is not our favorite... | © Activision

2. 556 Icarus

The Icarus is the LMG variant of the M4 and in our opinion it's the easiest-to-use LMG in MW2. With the right attachments, it has good range and accuracy, and isn't excessively slow either. It also has low recoil, so all in all it plays a like a heavy assault rifle.

556 Icarus
This is the fastest LMG in Modern Warfare 2. | © Activision


The RAPP H is the LMG version of the Lachmann platform and our personal favorite. The weapon has very low recoil, and it has an extremely high rate of fire, making it very powerful. Normally, high rate of fire goes hand in hand with high recoil, but this is not the case with the RAPP H. Throw in a few attachments, and you've got yourself a damn powerful weapon, the only downside is that this weapon is so slow you basically need to spend the game holding pre-aims. But you will end the match with a great K/D,

Rapp H
Das beste LMG in Modern Warfare 2. | © Activision

These were all LMGs currently available in Modern Warfare 2. As soon as we get more weapons, we will of course update our LMG ranking accordingly. What do you think of Modern Warfare 2 so far?