Modern Warfare 2's New Gunsmith: Customizable Attachments

Being able to customize your guns is a huge part of Call of Duty and over the last few years, there have been a ton of different systems. This year will be no different, let's see what Infinity Ward has in store for us.
Looks like Infinity Ward is implementing a completely new system | © TheXclusiceAce

The gunsmith system was introduced in MW 2019 and was considered a huge success. There used to be a time when your only options were fast mags or extended mags, but now we can basically make new weapons by changing the caliber of the magazines. It looks like for MW II, Infinity Ward is going even further with their reworking of the gunsmith system. It's going to be simpler by design, but more complex when it comes to the attachments. So let's dive into all the details.

Before we dive into all the good stuff, these pictures are recreations of what XclusiveAce was shown by Infinity Ward and are not actual MW II images. The game might be in its later stages, but all of these things can still be changed.

And yes, you might have noticed the small button on the bottom left that says "Go to Firing Range", we already knew that a firing range should be coming to MW II, but it's good to see that we have instant access from the gunsmith, so we can test everything as soon as we change anything. It's been long overdue.

How does the Gunsmith in MW II work?

As you can clearly see in the image above, the gunsmith is comprised into 2 sections. We will have an attachment part at the top and a weapons part at the bottom. It has to be noted, that even though it says 0 / 3 attachments, Infinity Ward already confirmed that this number will be changed or at least played with, so 3 attachments aren't going to be the final number. Let's just hope it doesn't go as overboard as Vanguard, where there is absolutely no trade-off.

The attachments, will basically be the same as before. They will provide you with some minor buffs, that improve your weapon, but don't quite define it. Like an optic, it helps your visibility, but it's still the same gun as before, not a huge change to the weapon itself. Attachments will satisfy minor personal needs, you want your weapon to have, without changing the gun itself.

Now to the more interesting part - the weapon parts. According to XclusiveAce you have to fill out all 4 of these slots. And these parts will have a much bigger impact on your weapon than the attachments. A barrel, for example, can determine whether this gun will be a heavier long range gun or a lighter version, better suited for close quarter gunfights. These parts will essentially let you build a different version of the gun. In Modern Warfare 2019, you could make certain ARs into an SMG and vice versa, but it looks like we'll be able to make much larger changes and maybe even change more than just the caliber of the magazine. Definitely an exciting prospect, and we'll just have to wait to get our hands on it, to see what exactly we will be able to change.

MW II Will Have Customizable Attachments

The image above is an example that was shown to content creators last week. As you can clearly see, you can adjust attachments more to your liking. So if you want more recoil control, you'd slide the adjuster to the heavy side. In doing so, you do sacrifice ADS time, but if you're playing an AR that's built for long range, you don't want a good ADS time, as all you care about is better recoil control.

Barrel tuning
This looks insane, and makes me a bit sceptical. | © TheXclusiveAce

The gunsmith system is quite simple and people will easily get the hang of it, but these attachment adjustments add a whole new level of complexity to the gun and gameplay. According to rumors, weapons will have around 50 attachments. If you can adjust ever single one of them - maybe not optics - that would mean endless possibilities and finding the right build for you, would take that much longer. Personally, I'm very skeptical about this, and it does make me nervous, that you can basically not only cater the weapon to your play style, but also the attachments and make weapons completely insane in one area. I assume quick scopers will just go full ADS time, while sacrificing in all other areas, but that won't matter, because all they care about is having the lowest ADS time possible. No one has gotten their hands on this yet, so we will have to wait for more info or till the Beta drops, and we can try it out ourselves.

MW II Will Have Weapon Trees

MW II will be revolutionizing how we unlock attachments in the game, by implementing an unlock tree. So what does this mean? Basically, it means that unlocking attachments is going to be a hell of a lot faster and easier.

Unlock tree
This sounds very interesting. | © TheXclusiveAce

So in this example that was shown, we have the M4 rifle and in its unlock tree we have the M16 and LMG Fightlite that are a part of the M4 weapon family, but are still different weapons. When you start off with the M4 and unlock the .458 SOCOM, you unlock this attachment for all the weapons in this unlock tree. So if you start with the M4 and unlock this attachment and keep playing until you unlock the M16, this attachment will instantly be available on the M16 and you don't have to spend hours grinding the weapon again. This is a blessing for all people that play Warzone, and don't have the actual game and just can't be bothered to level every gun in Warzone.

And that is everything that was revealed, when it comes to the gunsmith and how everything will work. Definitely a very ambitious idea, when it comes to being able to adjust your attachments. But I really like the sound of the unlock tree's and how it will make levelling guns a lot less tedious. If you want a more detailed explanation of everything, check out XclusiveAces video down below.

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The hype for MW II is definitely real, and we can't wait to get our hands on the game!